Although the instructor’s tricks are old-fashioned,But very practical,Is nothing more than procrastinating,The troublemaker began to nominate representatives,Yelling,Tossing around for nearly half an hour,I selected five villagers,Turns out a guy was full of swear words,I also held a hatchet in my hand,A look of bandit,Mayor Niu immediately declared that the representative was unqualified,Re-election。

That guy jumped up immediately,Yelling,Inciting surrounding villagers to besiege Deputy Mayor Niu。
The instructor was prepared,Winked,Quanxingguo strode out,Pinch the opponent’s wrist holding the knife,Around,At the same time,A trip to put this person down,Then grab the knife and cut the opponent’s arms,So he firmly controlled the troublemaker。
Quan Xingguo did it too fast,Five or six moves in one go,The instigated people around didn’t even react,People have been taken into the small building,Want to make trouble again,Deputy Mayor Niu spoke again,Can by-election another representative。
Instructor、Lan Ling and others are highly nervous,Full guard,The pistol insurance has been opened,I’m afraid that when Quan Xingguo acted just now, someone with supernatural powers would jump out,The possibility of conflict will be infinitely magnified,Don’t say two hours,Can’t hold on for two minutes。
Fortunately, the other party didn’t mean to have an immediate attack,A thief,The guy who seemed to be the leader began to greet the villagers。
On the other hand, Li Tianchou upstairs has printed the heads of the twelve abilities hidden in the crowd on paper with magical powers.,And handed it over to Monk Zhai who has been waiting next to him。
Monk Zhai is actually not waiting,I’m mainly observing the living dead Kampot,This guy is supernatural,Posed a serious threat to the base,Now lack of soul and soul,Extremely miserable,I don’t know how Li Tianchou did it,Very envious。
Monks study these supernatural abilities all year round,Gradually have an understanding of acquired cultivation,Ever since I met Zhang Zhiqiang、After Li Tianchou,He has strengthened his confidence in the cultivation and enlightenment,It’s just hard to get started,Cannot enter the room,So I hope Li Tianchou can give me some advice,But I’m always embarrassed to say it。
Get the portrait,The monk dare not think again,Go downstairs quickly,Nearly an hour has passed by this time,Pause downstairs for a while,But soon there was a noise,I want to come to the instructor, they are very lucky,Although there is still a key issue I haven’t figured out,But Li Tianchou thinks he can do it right away。
Gu Changfeng and a few people went upstairs quickly,Sweating profusely,Yell as soon as we meet,“How early?Old Dai can’t handle it at all。”
“Phone to confirm,What point?”Li Tianchou stood up swayingly,Make a crackling noise all over,Without using magical powers,His body is extremely stiff,Thanks to Kampot,Want to recover well,Not easy。
Gu Changfeng frowned when he looked at Li Tianchou,I don’t know what happened to this kid,Can fight twelve magical powers alone in this state?Don’t you kidding me,The wealth and life of this huge man is held in your hands,Something went wrong,Let’s die together。
Old Gu wanted to ask but inconvenient to ask,I had to shake my head,I quickly dialed Lao Dai’s phone。
Didn’t say a few words,He hung up,I’m afraid that Li Tianchou will be heard by Li Tianchou,“Give the old one another half an hour,He said it will take at least half an hour。”