if not,It’s hard to hate。

Think here,These people are more excited.。
“That’s right,If it is not this Shen Xuan,How can we become so miserable?。”
“In short, no matter what these,This Shen Xuan makes us embarrassment,Let him make him unable to start in Suhang City.!”
“Boss,Despite the order of order,Bros,I have already waited for it.。”
With the people around you,You have said that I am talking here.。
明光,But not anxious。
Zhao Mingguang put his hand:“What are you eager?,Lin Zhonghu Lin Bao has already started。”
“and,Zhao Yuanwu is also there,Don’t he have a way to escape??”
I heard Zhao Mingguang said that two people,Others have an excitement。
These two people,Lin Zhonghu said with strong strength。
As for Zhao Yuanwu?,It is known as the spicy spicy。
But all people who have been married by Zhao Yuanwu,So don’t want to have a good end.。
So sorry,It seems to be good news.。
Think here,Zhao Mingguang’s face is more filled with a smile。
What is going on,Progress is very good。
And is pondering,not far away,One of the hands and hurriedly ran。
“Boss,Great event。”
what’s the situation,How is the end of the end,It’s not good.。
Now,Zhao Mingguang felt,I am very fast.。
“Say,whats the matter?”
Zhao Mingguang looked at this person in front of him,Put on,Suddenly said。
When I heard Zhao Mingguang said so,The people around me said to Zhao Mingguang:“Lin Zhonghu Tiger Brother did not catch people,Let Shen Xuan run。”
what,Actually people ran。
This guy,How do you do things??
but,Zhao Mingguang is very curious,Lin Zhonghu followed it not to close,That Zhao Yuanwu?
Zhao Yuanwu is also the people of Zhao’s family.,Handling such a little bit of little things,Don’t you solve it??
Now,The more I want to feel angry in Zhao Mingguang’s heart.。
What did the people around me?,Continued:“Zhao Yuanwu seems to not be enemy Shen Xuan,Silled by Shen Xuan from jumping from the second floor.。”
Hear here,Zhao Mingguang’s heart was relieved。
“fine,Zhao Yuanwu’s physique,Jumping down from the second floor.,The most is a few bones.。”
other people,Also think so。
But the next moment,The people around you continue to talk:“Do not,not like this。”