Bronia scream,“You are crazy!”

“I am not crazy!”Walt broke,“I am defeated the world!”
Eden Star started in Walter,Walt deliberately control the spatial crack of gravity to her。
“did you see,This is my own strength.,Is my sneaky,My own ideal,This is the real me.!”
“now,You gave me!”
Gravity is like a giant hand to go to Balonia’s head,Blonia has a painful pain,Half pose is calm and watching the crazy Walter。
“You are not qualified to blame me!”Walter in order to prove yourself,Also to open yourself,“I killed your most important person.,You also hate me,What is the difference between you??”
Bronia looked at Walter calm,“Bronia did not hate you,Just think you are poor,But also sad,From your eyes, Bronia can only see weakness and timidity。”
“What did you say?”Walter added the pressure of Eden Star,“cowardly?I am stronger than anyone.!”
“You all rifle,Bronia has seen more people stronger than you.。”
“Even if the disaster is coming,She can use courage to face。”
“Even if you are desperate,She will also fight with the meaning。”
“These people’s power is compared to you,negligible,Just a mortal。”
“Bronia knows her confusion,Her confusion,She has experienced pain and sadness。But Bronia knows,No matter how long walking,She still defending her way she is still the hero who guards the hope.。”
“What are you talking?!”Walter interrupted Bronia’s words。
Balonia is not willing to show weakness,“You of course don’t know what Balonia is talking to you.,Bronia and you,Never set a bastard such a bastard!You are worthy of Valter’s name.。”
Hear the last sentence,Walt really angered。
“I want to mess with the Iden’s star.!”Walt fills the strength of the whole body to the interior of the Eden,Surrounding room,Even the upper building of the Babylon laboratory begins to pour。
When these strengths arrive in Bronia,Completely disappeared。
The voice of Johim is appeared in the ear of Baronia.,“Bronia,You found an answer,Go back,Go to pursue your path。”
at the same time,Johchim will hand over the handling of the Eden Star to Bronia.,Exhausted strength,Peeling the world of Walter’s Star of Eden。
The star of Eden is aware of your own consciousness.,Self-flying to the hands of Baronia。
“How can it be!How can you!”Walter is incredibly shouting,This is his Eden Star,Why is it in front of this female martial art?!
Bronia is controlled in Eden Star,The situation is liberating all the strength of the Iden Star。
“Eden Star,Zero-rated power,liberation!”
One time,The whole world is shaking,Sky is cracking,Earth is collapsed,Eden’s star turned into powder fluttering,The whole world is hit by this hitting,Bronia is rerouted in the darkness。
“Houburyian main gun,200Full power,Lock target,emission!”
De Lisa directs the battle of Houburyan,The main cannon attacks in the end of the end of the law.。
When everyone is slightly relaxed,Anxious sound in the communication device。
“not good,The power of the end of the end is only weakened20,Houburyan,Pay attention to avoid!”
sky,A woman who can’t see,Gently wave Houburyian,There is no survival in the battleship.。 “Depend on!”Even if you know this is a false world,Han Jiang still can’t help but laugh,Take a long gun,Start armor will fly to the end of the law。
“and many more,Together we will!”
Hanjiang flying a time,Shuhua,Ji,Qi Yana,Budding,Everyone followed Hanjiang。
“You go back,Go back,Follow me only a dead road!”
“I want to revenge for my aunt.!”
The most impulsive Qiyana accelerates to fly to the end of the law,The opponent can shoot to the other party。
Fu Hua starts burning feather dust,Release the final power,Squake a punch to the end。
Ji is also available,Started with the maximum km,Waving the big sword to attack the end of the law。