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NS202chapter Last sun
“Qing Palace!”Looking at the figure that lasts in the explosion,Meiqin’s eyes are red,Just hover up,But,At the moment she just started,But was caught by the other hand.。
“Do you want to send death??”A girl named Yumu Tuna gave a beautiful piano’s hand,The face has never been serious,“Xiyun sees through the purpose of his sister and said。”
“But”Meiqin bite the lips,Slightly shake the head,“Now now,How to struggle is the same,I am a person’s life,If you can solve everything,Anything else,Don’t you lose?。and,”Meiqin turned,Looking for the eyes of the Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty to bring a faint gentle,“I want him to live.。”
“The hustle and other hunting life is the sister.。”The girl slowly swayed,“Even with your own name,The life of the Junior cloud is still more expensive than the sister.,and,My sister is a person who cares about my brother.,Xi Cloud will not let your sister go to death。”
“Can not。”Fuffmeia, on the side, also caught the hands of Meiqin,“There must be some way!”
“Do not。”Meiqin slowly shakes his head,“Current situation,It is no longer a person can solve it.,Don’t say that the Qing Palace is now suffering from multiple injuries.,One party can control the wind,Forming a slurry body,My ability is not necessarily solved for electrospheries.,Wind is more”Meiqin’s words have not finished,She suddenly stayed.。
She feels,The wind seems weak。
“This is”Meiqin turns back,Staying at the distance of automatic power generation windmill,Rotating speed in the wind——Reverse rotation!
“The power of the evening is not enough.。”Girl slowly opened his eyes,Slightly stripped the dimples of the amber,Teenage girl smiles,“so,Xiyun has used everyone’s strength。”
“Strength of everyone?”Meiqin’s teenage,The next consciousness。
“Brother and sister adults,Both is important。”Girl said softly,“No matter which one is,Are they can’t be discarded,The same is true for other Yumu。”
“so,This is the decision of Yumu。”Girl quietly looked at Meiqin,“sister,Willing to help my brother??”
“Um!”Meiqin’s nose is slightly acidic,Gently hold the girl’s hand。
this moment,Intangible power along the invisible network,In a moment, spread to the entire academic city.。
In the hospital of the soul of the soul,Tea girl wearing a disease suit put down the tea cup in his hand,Slowly walk to the window,Pull open curtains,Quiet look outside the window,In her chest,Green swap badge is very eye-catching。
“Misaka10032No,Request for Yumu Tuni Cloud。”Girl said softly,“Since it is a sister?
For the request of the brother,Misaka9982No,Yuku tea consent。”
“Misaka9998No,Agree to execute。”
“Misaka10010No,Agree to execute。”
at the same time,Many hospitals in the hospital,Girls who dress up clothes are got up from the bed.,Quietly lifts the head,In their hands,Evan a light blue arc。
Academy of urban,Each wind turbine,Stands with a tea girl wearing a common place to uniform,Their eyes,Stop on the windmill on the top of the head。
The whole school city of the city,Reverse it at this moment!
“How http://www.afgrd.cn is this going?”Feeling the windmill that can’t be driven anyway,One party is puzzled, lifting the head。
At this moment,All the clothes are all broken,Even the traces of burn on your face,The whole people are unbearable,but,He still stands!
After experiencing such a horrible explosion,Although he is hurt,But he still stands!
The first place in the urban city,Horror!
“This cough,This is the power of everyone.。”Earthly,His ear is slowly coming back,Let him slam,next moment,He feels that he is tightly locked in his hands.。
“what?!”One party is turned over,“How can you still stand up?!wrong,How did you encounter me?!You should be bounced!”
“cough!”The face of the Qing Palace is full of blood,However, he still brought a faint laugh.,“do not forget,My field and your reflection calculation formula are common,What http://www.tcylwy.cn do you have to encounter?。”