Han Yuxuan seems to have not heard her words.,Footstere more fast。

First2084Chapter Banquet
“Yuxuan,You come。”Long, handsome white ink, a glass of red wine,Laugh and walked over。
A white suit style,Very amazing,Five officials,Gentleman’s style。
Han Yu Xuan Mini,The charming and good-looking handsome is the focus of the lady in the eyes of the scene.。
White ink on this Mu Wei,“Mu Mu。”
“White ink,Hello,Just did you see you??”Mu Wei smiled and asked,She came here very early,Already accompanying Han Mrs. Han http://www.niqi3688.cn Mrs.。
White ink laughs:“I just have something。”
Immediately,He looks to Han Yuxuan:“Yuxuan,Mu Chu has also taken their eldest son.,Your father is chatting with them.,I heard that the Lady, and the lady, will also come over.,You have a greet with your dad.。”
Han Yu Xuan Mini,He understands that I want to stand in this line.,Extremely important。
The people who have a banquet in the banquet are all in the circle.,This time is also a chance。
“I have passed the past。”Han Yuxuan looked at himself,No place,He went to his father.。
“Yuxuan,Waiting for me。”
Mu Wei is going to follow,But suddenly blocked by white ink,Baiko is the best friend of Han Yuxuan,Han Yuxuan’s mind, he knows,Han Yu Xuan will see Lu Chuan and Lu Jia,Must leave a good impression。
“Mu Mu,It’s better to have a drink with me.,This banquet http://www.tok-bearing.cn tonight is very important,Yuxuan needs to do it well,Cannot distract。”
Mu Yi’s frowning looks at him:“I am with him.,Not bothering to him 。”That is to know the banquet of this evening.,So I have to brush around him.。
White ink:“Mu Mu,Pay attention to tonight,For Yu Xuan,No mistakes can occur。You don’t want Han Mrs, don’t like you.。”
Mother who moved out of Han,Mu Wei’s face is ugly:“White ink,You mean, I am with Yuxuan,Will Yuxuan shame??”
White ink laughs,Eyewitness:“Mu Mu,I don’t mean this.,I have something there.,First pass。”
Since she doesn’t listen to advice,He didn’t recruit。
No in Yu Xuan,How can she give up??
Why do you want to hate??
White ink is awkward, you will turn around。
Han Yuxuan’s father Han Jin is chatting with Mu Zi,Little auspicious also grows into a beautiful teenager,No university graduation,Muzi, who regulates the torque, listened to adults,Mu Ziyou has a time to take him out to exercise.,Little age is also very calm。
Mu Zizi is a little blessing,But the style is still。
“Father。”Han Yuxuan walked over,Indifference called。
Han Jin laughs,Looking at Mu Zihao,“Yuxuan,Quickly called Mu Shu,In the future, many uncle is learning.。Next to this is Mu Jiazhen,Your uncle’s eldest son。”
Han Yuxuan laughs:“Uncle Mu is good,Jia Hao Hello!”
Mu Zizi has a little bit of a little bit。
“Yuxuan,I have seen you for a child.,You and Kiki will have a good relationship,Is there any contact now??”Mu Ziyi asked。