“Go go go!”Zefa just waved,Don’t look back,The other hand is still correcting Weibull’s knife posture,I hope Weibull can avoid fighting by instinct。

Leo heard Zefa’s words,Sighed,Can’t help but shook his head。
Not to be angry,Teaching talented disciples is already Zefa’s obsession。
not to mention,Zefa teaches harder now,His tool man will be stronger in the future。
“brother,Kaido, I’ll leave it to you!”
Humming,Leo’s heart is extremely comfortable,Green Bull is following him。
Green Bull must follow him,Because without him, Green Bull’s progress would be slower。
With him,At least the life level of Green Bull can make rapid progress,Dozens of times faster than Green Bull practicing alone。
and so,Leo swaggered in the boat,Towards the shampoo。
Saw Leo rowing out to sea,Immediately, a small soldier http://www.kangliex.cn reported to the Minister of Information Simochuan。
“Lieutenant General,Leo has gone to sea with that pet!”
Simochuan heard Xiaobing’s report,Just a simple wave,Let it go。
And he quickly sneered:“I want to go out to kill the pirates alone?Beautiful!”
Talking,Simochuan picked up the newspaper from the previous day,He asked Morgans to publish this newspaper,And it was almost the headline news that day。
It says:
Shock,The navy has actually produced a young seaman who is more talented than the three generals!
Under an attractive headline,Recount this extraordinary record of Leo,Although not directly,But he exaggerated Leo’s strength,He even blown up the strong leader Leo。
Directly blown Li Ao into a strong seaman。
Strong man,Is an alternative in Lieutenant General,Weaker than general,But much stronger than the lieutenant general,Is the http://www.nanshahd.cn leader of the first-class forces。