“This time,I want them to die!”

When Lei Zhiting’s words are finished,The people around see here,It’s completely eager to try。
After all now,Such a good opportunity,If you don’t hold it well,That’s a pity。
And looking at it all,at this time。
Actually from the current point http://www.hongye663.cn of view,By Lei Zhiting,The others nodded。
“Yes,That’s right,Such a good opportunity,We anyway,You http://www.hloov.cn have to grasp it。”
“Anyway now,Everyone has the winning ticket,Then let’s not waste http://www.czshunhao.cn everyone’s time。”
“makes sense,Everyone prepare well,Time aspect,Definitely sufficient。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say before my eyes。
The more so,While seeing here,Deep touch,Conceivable。
But just because of this,But still unavoidably let those around you feel vaguely,These things,It’s not easy。
Look at these,at this time,Lei Zhiting has noticed。
“Humph,You are Wang Teng?”
Lei Zhiting looked at the man in the distance,In his eyes,With a trace of killing intent。