then,White-haired teenager lifts,Staring at the top of the angel of the star falling,Broken wings behind the white,Shining。

Although it is not very understood, what law?,But one side has a feeling,The so-called angel,It seems http://www.51tixing.cnthat the wings behind you seems to be the same type.。
Juvenile slowly lifted,The wing behind the wing is slowly opened,at the same time,A silky breeze blened around his body。
Breeze becomes a wind,Windy wind turns to hurricane,Hurricane rolls on snowworms on silence,Teenager,The wind is rampant,slowly,One party disappeared,Instead, it is a huge tornado.。
Unlike the general tornado,The surrounding of the tornado manufactured by one party,Also flashed with white rays,White feathers are hidden,Original soft feathers are someticed at this time,Crack。
Tornado center,One party will change their posture against the shoulders.,The eyes flashed a familiar passage。
That is the city in the school,I have the same guy who is as long as the person on my shoulders to save my sister.
This guy,Probably will live down.?One party lifts the head,Looking at the sight by the tornado,But still flashing the sky of the star,Snort。
“Drake a grandfather?!”
In the shout of the teenager,With the same strength,Helping the sky。
“Discompose。”The upper party is active,Note coldly staring at the fire of the right,“Do you feel,It’s so strong that your strength is not imagined.?”
“impossible。”The fire of the right side is slightly overlying,Can keep the sacred right click from him,But it can be seen in the movement of the boy’s right hand once.,His inner heart is no longer wins at this time.,“what have you done?”
“I did nothing。”The upper strip shakes his head,“Right fire,You have already lost。”
“Ah,lose?”The fire of the right side is really laughing.,“You think that this uncle has no way to let you.,Is there any way to save this world??”Speech,The sacred right hand, a claw, crushed a base of the top of the head,A simple monastery column with huge kinetic energy,Take over the strip。
No bar?The upper strike looks at the huge pillars of the top of the top to you.,Why a magician,Suddenly started to attack this way?
Your own right hand can not eliminate the actual physical attack.!
Is this reasonable???
Bite your teeth,The upper entry is rolling,Want to try to avoid the attack of the column,Sudden,His body is used by a person,Then, the whole person is directly thrown into the side.,Rolling a circle on the ground again,A piece of dust。
“cough!cough!”The upper strip is caught together,Just want to look up and see who is,The ear suddenly sounded a familiar sound。
“Ah,This time, the distraction is not good.!”
“Blue hair earrings?!”The upper strip has been ate,Looked up,Just right to get familiar with the eyes。
“I finally met.。”not far away,The teenager who blocked the huge pillar turned back to the upper strip,The head is on the head,“really,The bone’s bone is in the battlefield.!”
A sound,The plate of the arm is pinched out of the column in the hand.,咔咔 声 不,Last loud,The pillar broke into a bunch of stones in the hands of the junks.。 “you?”I am surprised to watch my class leader and die,I also saw the shakes,Some chaos for a time。
Sharp the army is super powerful,The two don’t seem to have a dependency relationship.,So all worstened,Blue hair earrings?
No bar?!
Do you have two super powers such as this to break the school??
Why don’t you remember this before your diary??!
“Don’t stand silly。”A cold proud female voice sounds from the side,then,Brown long-haired woman comes slowly,After her back, I follow a tea girl,“What is the extent of fight?。”
“Misaka?wrong,younger sister?”The upper striking, the Yuma sister after the wheat,The degree of chaos of the brain aggravates a layer。
“We love this world。”A gentle voice came from the top of the upper strip,“so,No matter which timeline,Even if it is the end of the universe,We also have to come back。”
Sky suddenly,The upper strip is slightly confused,But I don’t consciously open my eyes.,Amazing picture。
Tea girl is quietly landed in half air,Behind the wings of the arc is slowly awkward,Snapling in the air,Electro-optic flash room,Even the golden sky is shaking a bit。Although the girl’s beautiful face is a little dust,The amber scorpion is still flashing and resolute.。
In her arms,Quiet lying down a girl,Honey color long hair slides out a soft amplitude in the wind,In front of the teenage,A whitening feathered flicked with holy brilliance。
NS706chapter Feather