Step out,Xiao Yun is surging a lot of collapse,The second step,Swordsmanic,The third part,A green coat is broken and it can be completely dyed。

Hanjiang in the side felt a huge change in Xiao Yun,At the same time, I was forced by the sword.。
When Xiao Yun completely turned into a pair of swordsmanship,Han Jiang also fully realizes the 太 虚 剑 神。
His 太 虚 剑,Directly skip the first level of water,Reached a dust-free realm。
Xiao Yun walked out of the house,It has changed from the inside.。
No longer soft and timid,No longer afraid to get out of the village,Little girl from a green dress,Thoroughly became a red Swordsman who looks cold or not。
th,The previous Xiao Yun,It is completely hidden in my heart.。
The village has a yesterday’s experience.,Although the reaction to Xiao Yun is afraid,But up to a few steps,Don’t dare to tell what。
Han Jiang is now cold like a beast,As long as some people dare to have a sentence,Then he will not be unreasonable.!
Chapter 109 I am open.
“changed,changed!”There is a villager covering his mouth,I don’t dare to say too much.,Syringe。
Someone died, grabbed the arm of the companion,Take the place to patch your clothes,Still unique。
The village head looked at Xiao Da,I moved to him a little bit.。
The crowd has a voice of 窸窸 窣窣,I want to leave Xiao Yunyuan as much as possible.。
The common characteristics of these people are fear in their eyes.,Take your mouth as much as possible,Dare to make a sound。
“mother,You see the fairy sister turned into!”
There are children who don’t understand things.,Small hand pulls adults,The other finger is Xiao Yun called。
The mother of the child hugged the child to go to the crowd,Caution that the son does not speak messy。
Everyone is back,There are a few people who have flowed out.。
Both is the five thousand sings,It can only be seen from the long phase.。
Han Jiang with the lead,I still have a foot,It is also a person who tells everyone Xiao Yun’s ability to manipulate water.,Zhang Erniu。
Zhang Erné carry a big burden,Go to Xiao Yun’s side under the eyes of everyone。
“Cloud,This is a little dry food we have prepared.,You can take it on the road。”Said that I still have a few times from my arms.。
Zhang Erné’s face appeared awkward,After Xiao Yun took the bag,Zhang Duper twisted the pocket in the clothes,From the inside, a few polished copper coins。
These copper coins are very clean,Did not stick to a little dirt,Not like it is a money in the country.。
“Do you know that I have nothing?,It is very good to eat enough for these years.,This is the copper money I have accumulated in these years.,You have an emergency on the road。”
“I know that Yun is a good girl.,But you know that uncle is,I can’t talk to my eyes.!”
Leave for Xiao Yun,Zhang Erniff is very interested in。
But this is the will of most people in the village.,It is not that he can resist a person.,Can only listen、Obey most people。
Zhang Ernou said,Several people behind, take a total of several copper plates from the seven or eight pockets,Have it to Xiao Yun。
These people have been affected by Xiao Jia’s grace,Xiao Da or more helps them。
Han Jiang looked at everything in front of him,This village is not all people who hate everyone.,It is also willing to believe that Xiao Yun has become terrible.。
Can be under most occasions,A few people are finally obeying most people。
Xiao Yun did not refuse these people’s kindness,Copper money,Take the dry food。
Xiao Yun looked at the people in the village.,I saw a young woman who cried into tears.,I saw the father who couldn’t stand my eyes.,The heart is in the heart.。
Han Jiang quietly followed after Xiao Yun,When the two completely left the village,Take a small road,After entering the jungle,Han Jiang said to Xiao Yun:“You wait for me for a while。”
Han Jiang is a non-distinct person,He must go back to interrupt a few people’s legs.,By the way, several livestocks take the lead!
Xiao Yunli lives in Hanjiang,Cool shoud:“Past all the past,Even if they rush to leave,Can there be two dowrs sole these is good for me?,Willing to believe in me??”