"Butterfly" in the three people

In the early autumn, walk in the second division and three gardens, Xiangxiang pear is covered with branches, all kinds of flowers and vegetables in the farmhouse in the farmhouse are embellished, and a living vibrant scene. As the park of the two divisions, Tiemen Guan City, the garden of Hongping Card, the spring is available here, the summer is cold, the autumn can pick, the winter is boosted, and the four seasons of tourists will continue. "The garden is full of branches, and all kinds of vegetables are mature. The self-cultivated earth chickens can be placed on the table, attracting many tourists." Talking about their own farmhouse, Kang Suri said happily, " Recently, the business is good, every day, I have to receive three four-four guests.

"The 40-year-old Kang Sell, is a three-year-old employee, and took the initiative to apply for a low-output pear garden next to the team as an identity.

How to increase the low-output pear garden? Just when everyone was worried about Kang Suri, the mind was flexible, and she dared to do what she began to transform the pear garden. Relying on a good natural environment and beautiful pastoral scenery, Kang Suri builds the pear garden into a set of casual picking, catering, buffet barbecue, entertainment. Due to the convenience of transportation, every holiday, tourists from the surrounding visitors are coming. From the initial annual income of 100,000 yuan to more than 50 million yuan, Kang Suri has climbed the income of farmhouse. This year, her family ushered in a happy event: After the end of the team declared, her farmhouse was rated as a three-star farmhouse and won 60,000 yuan award fund.

"I want to use this fund to build a fishing area in Pear Garden.

The farmhouse has more play projects, and more and more tourists will be more and more popular.

"Kang Suri believes full of land. Operating the farmhouse in these few years, Kang Shui witnessed the" Butterfly Change "of the garden." Now, the house is neatly drawn, and the asphalt road is repaired, and the street lamp has also created the green corridor. Street, etc., natural environment is good, life is more convenient, and the face of the team is new.

"Kang Suri said. In recent years, the garden has been striving for superior funds 11.1 million yuan, accelerating the beauty of the company. Last year, the company won the honorary title of" China’s beautiful casual countryside ". In order to broaden the income channel, the garden Sanlian Party branch leader Tiemen Guan Gao people leisure agriculture professional cooperatives, open network live broadcasts in the field, broaden the sales channels of agricultural products, promote the income of the workers. This year, the cooperative has registered "the three or five" brands, through the brand building, improve The market competitiveness of agricultural products such as local fragrant pears, red dates, honey, improved agricultural integrated benefits.