The fight against the epidemic should take full account of gender differences

Original title: Beiqing Bao: the fight against the epidemic should take full account of gender differences in recent days, a number of overseas outbreak reflects the plight of women and the voice of the video, the picture appeared in large numbers on the Internet, causing widespread concern. UN Women suggested that the government departments, the private sector and donors in the fight against SARS action plan, should ensure data disaggregated by sex, and take full account of the gender perspective, actively gender expertise into the response team, and the gender perspective into response plan and budgetary resources. One (April 1 "China Women’s News") Israel irascible mother Tucao net lesson: "The new crown virus did not kill me, my fate must first class network.

"She has four children, to the Internet at home, while the class, only two computers …… An American Mom Baby face empty shelves feel powerless:" diaper was taken away, how can I do? "A French woman cashier tearfully admitted that fear the virus to infect new crown, fear the virus home …… although these things happen abroad, but many people still identify with, similar experiences and have suffered or continue to haunt some of us especially plagued by quite a few women.

  Have to say, in response to the outbreak process, gender differences are often easily overlooked.

For example, feminine hygiene products became a front-line fight against SARS medical staff just to be forgotten, their material shortage of male medical personnel and more than a few, but when there are caring people to donate these materials to a place of medical institutions, hospitals actually think do not have access and did not accept.

As the front-line medical staff involved in the fight against SARS among the majority of women, their special material requirements should not be forgotten, but initially really forget, explained in the protection of women, indeed there is a big room for improvement. Compared with the explicit needs of women hidden difficulties are more easily overlooked.

For example, assume the task of education to families with children, the proportion of women is much higher than men, children at home, online classes, more pressure on mothers. In addition, women are less likely to get maternal health services during the epidemic, and maternal infection in addition to their own to worry about, but also worried about the risk of mother to child transmission and for the baby’s health.

These are the epidemic for female-specific threat, in responding to the epidemic, if not fully take into account gender differences, women pay the price will be greater.

  In terms of women rights protection, there is also a special case of the need to attract attention. Epidemic led to enterprises are facing greater pressure, such as pay cuts or even layoffs inevitable phenomenon, and women workers vulnerable to discrimination in peacetime, in this special period, the need to safeguard their own interests. In terms of prevention return to work, due to the maternal protection have higher requirements, companies may be reluctant to provide special protection for them, but because even be bothered, they do not want to return to the post to return to work, and so on. Women not only face greater impact of the epidemic, but also face many other indirect impact, not only to the current pay more, may still be the case in the future a longer period of time.

To deal with the epidemic should take full account of gender differences in the development of measures alone physical, psychological, and other rights protection, reducing direct or indirect impact of the epidemic on women caused so meticulous management, both for the care of women, but also that they deserve basic protection.

  Only full account of women in the response to the outbreak in special circumstances, to address their specific problems and needs in order to provide special care for women in the fight against the epidemic process, especially for those who want to worry about lifting women play an important role in the fight against SARS related fields.

This is why we win an important condition for epidemic prevention and control warfare must have.

(When present) (Editor: Wong Chuk Yan, Zhang Xin).