[2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference] Jingdong He Xiaodong: Practicing people-centered AI to enjoy intelligent services equally convenient

On July 8, 2021, the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) was officially held in the Shanghai World Expo Center. Dr. Jingdong Group, the head of Jingdong Science and Technology Intelligent Customer Service Department, Dr. IEEE / Caaifellow He Xiaodong was invited to publish a chair in the General Assembly, sharing the development trend of artificial intelligence technology to the guests, and practices in government affairs, finance. Case. Dr. He Xiao Dong said that we practice people-centered AI (Human-Centeredai), which is committed to enjoying intelligence services through the frontier AI technology and large-scale industrial applications.

Technically, we focus on using multimode technology to perceive user needs, learn more common knowledge, and comply with legal and moral norms. In the application, we are committed to large-scale industrial deployment, reduce the threshold for applications and deployments, so that more people have no differences in intelligence.

The dialogue is essentially the game and decision language just the form of expression. Recently, Tsinghua University Aminer Joint Beijing Xiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Tsinghua – China Academy of Engineering Knowledge Intelligence Joint Research Center issued "Ai2000 artificial intelligence global most influential" list " Select the most influential and dynamic top scholars in the past ten years of artificial intelligence discipline. As the world-class top scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, Dr. He Xiao Dong is one of the most "hard" scientists in this field in natural language processing, speech recognition, information retrieval and recommendation.

Dr. He Xiaoxi said that the intelligent interaction is characterized by artificial intelligence and other technologies to make the machine can have scenes, and can communicate with people through multi-mode and multi-wheel dialogue. High value tasks. He further explained that the dialogue between human-machine interactions is essentially game and decision-making, and language is just a form of expression. For example, we need AI learning how to make gold medals, learn from a large amount of data to guide the language skills and dialogue strategies to optimize the global shopping experience results as model learning. Therefore, when we look at human-machine dialogue technology, we will not only see speech recognition and intention identification, but to specify specific tasks, construct a fusion system with a sense of intelligence to cognitive intelligence to decision-making intelligence. Developing smart human-machine interaction technology to promote municipal services digital and upgrading digital government is one of the attention hotspots of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference this year. Dr. He Xiaoxin said that adhering to the "people-centered AI" concept, Jingdong Science and Technology has built a government-friendly-based government-friendly, which can include people including people’s livelihood, government affairs services, refined management, public safety and other fields. Split block provides services. At the same time, we have also built Jingdong intelligent government hotline based on government consultation.

At present, Jingdong Intelligent Government Hotline has been landed in many cities across the country, helping local governments to accelerate the processes of the government. In February this year, Jingdong intelligent customer service rinsed with Shanxi, built a new generation of 12345 citizen service hotline.

To provide 7 * 24 hours a day, the total number of incoming calls increased by 100%, and the average effective appeal is increased by 100%, and the daily average effective appeal is increased. The rate of receipt is%, so that the public will say goodbye to endless wait, Let the operator’s service efficiency improve, let the manager analyze the research and treatment in real time, help the government hotline "to fight, answer, everything is falling, and there is a sound".

In fact, during the 2020 new crown epidemic, Jingdong intelligent government hotline began to be large-scale applications. The obligation is to include "Intelligent Epidemic Prevention and Control League", helping local grassroots communities, enterprises, and The medical institution quickly completes the overtemophone investigation, epidemic notice, information collection, and patient return visit. Jingdong intelligent customer service romance to create a "digital teller" matrix to help financial service industry Development in March 2002, Principal, the "Banker Survey Report (2020)",% of the banker is actively accepting and using financial technology. More than half of the bankers will advance intelligent and digital construction as a focus of business strategy. Based on multimode smart human machine interaction technology, Jingdong smart customer service has created a "digital teller" matrix, which can realize autonomous response, active service, quality inspection and compliance, intelligent workbench, employee training, customer insight into full process services. .

Among them, multimode digital is a new application direction of intelligent human machine interaction technology. By synthesizing voice, emotions, visual images, and 3D graphics modeling, voice personalization can be customized, custom image style, through voice and Emotionally drive facial action and expression, shape digital tellers interact with users in real time, let voice students "move".

Dr. He Xiao Dong said that after years of development, Jingdong Science and Technology has accumulated a lot of financial partners, and the future hopes to join hands with more financial industry partners to promote the digital development of the financial industry. At the same time, AI and finance have the same vision and original intention, on the basis of safety, trustworthiness, let more people enjoy convenient services.