Shijiazhuang City established imported cold chain food information traceability system

  The Municipal Government Office recently issued the "Food Safety Work Arrangement of Shijiazhuang City", which clarifies that this year’s food safety work will conscientiously implement the "four most stringent" requirements, strengthen the source pollution management, strengthen the development of industrial development , Smart regulatory and credit supervision system construction, etc. In terms of strict imports of cold chain food management, vigorously promote the application of "Hebei Cold Chain True Management System".

Continue to dynamically touch the main body of all kinds of cold chain food production, accurately grasp the base, and 100% of imported cold chain food production and operation units are included in the retrospective system management.

Coordinate the promotion of imported cold chain food production, sales, transportation links, and improve cross-sectoral information sharing.

Comprehensive verification of enterprises and vehicle conditions engaged in cold-chain transportation, establishing accounts, establishing cold chain food problems and rapid response mechanisms, and strictly prevent strict control of strict management of cold chain food epidemic risk. In strengthening source pollution governance, promote the protection of cultivated land into a permanent basic farmland, implement land-raising, and promote the use of cultivated land promotion varieties, water fertilizer regulation, soil conditioning and other technical models; in strict management of cultivated land , Planting structure adjustments or returning farmland to forests.

Organize Update Perfect Soil Pollution Key Regulatory Unit Directory, supervising key supervision units fully implemented soil pollution prevention obligations.

Implementing the State Council on pollling food governance requirements, strictly implementing the inspection system for reserving food and entry deposits, increasing the frequency and density of sampling inspection, and makes the batch batch must be checked to ensure the quality and safety of the reserves.

Do a good job in the daily supervision of the stock, guide the reservoir to carry out the reserve food quality and safety inspection every year, autumn, and have a warehouse must arrive. If there is food must check, it will thoroughly, check the coverage of 100%. In the construction of industrial development, smart supervision and credit supervision system, based on the creation of food industry as a starting, promote the upgrade of food industry and enterprises, and strive to achieve 15% of the industrial-powered food industry revenue growth rate.

Do a good job in the pilot work of the infant formula, the construction of the construction of the production of food, the construction of the market, the construction of the sales information traceability system, continue to carry out the public commitment activities of the food sales, accelerate the construction of the "Internet + Kitchen bright stove" in the school, promote the quality and safety network of agricultural products Getrochemical supervision.

Promote the construction of credit system in the field of food safety, promote credit risk classification supervision, do a good job in information collection and publicity.

  In terms of improving risk assessment and sampling monitoring capabilities, the market supervision link food safety supervision sampling volume reached / thousand people, and the qualification rate of edible agricultural products was 98%.

Strengthen agricultural product monitoring, improve the proportion of "three-prior" link, small farmers and regional characteristics of agricultural products, realize the full coverage of major varieties and production main body.

Special rectification centralized investigation, the test rate is stable in more than 98%. Strengthen vegetables, fruits, tea, feed and water products in planting, processing, circulation, etc..

  In terms of severely crack down on illegal and crimes, launch the "Kunlun-Sword 2021" special action, focusing on key areas, focusing on the region, focusing on meat and meat products, drinks and health food crimes, far andast, heavy metal pollution crime, plus The investigation of large cases has always maintained high pressure on food safety crimes.

Combating wildlife illegal violations, continued to promote the special actions of "Yangtze River ban".

Carry out the "Tie Bun" action, severely crack down on the sale of the gap and aquatic products such as aquatic products, rural markets such as the "Clenbuterol", and the "Clenbuterol", and the "cottage" drink and liquor. Implement imported food "National Gate Guardian" action to protect the safety of import and export in Shijiazhuang jurisdiction. Continue to carry out special rectification of rural counterfeit and shoddy food, further strengthen centralized governance of food small workshops, small dining and small stalls in rural areas. Severely crack down on rural production of "three no food" "inferior food" "expired food" "trademark infringement food" and other illegal crimes. Vigorously promote food safety knowledge, guide rural consumers to recognize the harm of counterfeit and shoddy food, improve the ability to identify, and consciously resist the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy food.

  In terms of supervision of strict key areas, the quality and safety improvement of dairy products is carried out, and the food production and operation enterprises have implemented subject responsibility.

In-depth food safety demonstration creation activities, deepen domestic infant formula quality improvement actions, continue to carry out special cleanup remediation of health food industry, in-depth implementation of chemical and pesticide reduction, aquaculture drug reduction, beast antibacterial drug Special actions such as reduction. (Reporter Jiao Li Li).