Wufeichong Street Office in Nanming District launched a "anti-vice" publicity

According to Nanming District People’s Government Network News: Do a good job in the education of young children, pay attention to the health of children.

In the past few days, Wuli Chong Sub-district office in Nanming District launched a publicity event with the theme of "nursing young children’s health growth, stay away from illegal harmful publications and information", called on the healthy and cultural environment of minors to create a healthy adult. . In the event, through the issuance of publicity information and on-site answering questions, "sweeping the yellow and hit" related content and laws and regulations on the "anti-pornography" and laws, etc. The hierarchical understanding, and guides the merchant to prohibit the sale and boycotting all kinds of illegal publishing items, actively participate in a good atmosphere of healthy growth in children.

The event, a total of more than 500 publicity materials, and effectively improved the social recognition rate of "sweeping the yellow and hit", enhanced the awareness of residents to protect intellectual property, and guided the education of young children, paying attention to the importance of physical and mental health of children. .

Wuli Street Office will increase the illegal activities of key areas, especially the school surrounding bookstores, stationery stores, and propaganda prohibiting renting, illegal, reactionary, harmful publications; and check whether there is a bookstore in the jurisdiction, and the stationery store has hazard minors. The bad reading of physical and mental health, in order to continue to guide youth students, read more books, and call on the whole people to participate in the social and cultural environment to create a healthy and upstore.

(Luo Debu) (Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).