Wu Ming District: Help the unit take the bridge to introduce agricultural leading enterprises to help rural resolution

Recently, Luobo Town, Luo Mo, Nanning City, held the signing ceremony of the Rural Revitalization Project Strategic Cooperation Agreement. It is understood that the project is introduced by the development research center of Nanning Municipal People’s Government Development Research Center by Boai Village. The project will turn more than 2,000 armbands in Kuo Village. The company provides agricultural planning, farm construction and hosting operation full process services, and proposes to invest 60 million yuan to develop sugar cane sets, scientific and raised sheep, sightseeing fish, etc. Actively import industries such as literary, homestay and modern organic agriculture with strong national characteristics, drive employment, encourage local villagers to participate in projects, processing and tourism services, and promote the integration development of one or two-three industries, increase village collective And the economic income of farmers, realize the enterprise, village collective, and farmers. The establishment of Guangxi fish rice township Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is an agricultural technology-based enterprise integrating agricultural technology research and development, fertilizer, agricultural machinery sales and food production, operation, etc. Next, the parties will continue to work together to promote the development of the project, according to the industrial rise, ecological livability, township civilization, effectiveness, life requirements, and increase the process of land transfer and project construction, with practical action and active effectiveness to help villages Revitalize.

(Huang Yuanyuan Pan Xianhua) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Yumi).