With a warm "nest" (a small-way story around)

  In the early morning of the summer, the breeze is slow, and the rush of the fire is blooming.

In the public rental housing community in Donghuyuan, Kaizhou District, Chongqing, has an early morning practice as usual as usual, and the face is smile.

  "Live here, it is a blessing!" Guanweichi and his wife were laid off workers in Kaizhou District, and there were small people. In order to live, they have been working around.

Because of the difficult family, a family has been renting a house for many years, there is no "stable nest."

  Talking about the day of renting a house, two sons shook their heads.

"Don’t say anything else, I am afraid that the landlord suddenly calls you to move, the whole family is big.

"Guan Wei Chi said that he had moved nearly 10 times. In a period of" unlucky ", he moved twice in half a year. The most impressed is that there is a year of the twilight, and I have to go to the New Year. People, suddenly want to recover the house, I would rather to compensate in the deferion, I also insist on moving out soon. Guifei is sighing, she has to pack it overnight, temporarily moving to relatives.

  "That year, I’m really sad!" Guifei said that since then, his biggest dream is a stable "small nest."

  As the national housing security system continues to improve, Kaizhou District has built a large batch of public rental housing in order to solve the problem of "difficulties" in the local low income people.

Guan Weichi is in line with public rental housing accommodation conditions. In 2016, Guan Weichi had a beautiful dream to move into the public rental residential area of ??Donghuyuan.

  "Thank you for your good policy, we will never be moved to move!" The day of moving into the new home, the official Wi Pi family is happy. Guan Weixi also deliberately bought a bright small red flag, solemnly put on the TV cabinet.

  The house is stable, and the official Demodi has also become optimistic, often edits some five words, in the reason and rhyme, teased the neighbors, haha ??laugh. "Take the elevator up and down, the door is accepted, the safety is safe, the health is not worried, it is tired with the seat, exercise the fitness, you will open the beautiful, this day, you said, you said," According to statistics, There are more than 10,000 "Guanwei Chi" in the state, say goodbye to "difficult" in the house, no longer eat "bitterness", with a warm "small nest", live a happy day of home.

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