Strengthen grassroots party construction, leading youth to play a strong role

The party’s grassroots organization construction is the basic work of the party’s organization construction. The youth party members cadres are vigorous, passionate, energetic, and is the most creative period. Only the construction of the grassroots party organization, so that every young party member is always bathed in the brilliance of the party, youth party members can be strong and strong, in the face of various serious circumstances, with any wind and waves test, become a new era of China "The Body Army.

It is true that the development of anything is not smooth. At the time of the grassroots party organization, the young party members will lead the people’s party members: the lack of party sex education, the party’s knowledge is lacking, the party branch activities are lacking, and the poor targeted, and the poor targeted, etc. Throughout the present, only the grassroots party organizations, young party members can play together to enhance the "last kilometer" that led the youth party members to play the role of the energetic force.

Strengthen grassroots party construction work needs to establish the correct ideological concept, establish and improve the working mechanism, and implement the party’s sexual education.

To create a base party construction work organization and a working mechanism according to the actual situation, it cannot blindly develop standards and open conditions. At the same time, the corresponding supervision mechanism and assessment mechanism, the assessment and supervision of the basic work efficiency and work quality of the grassroots party building, and confirmed the implementation of grassroots party construction work. Leading young party members to play the role of the energetic force to give full play to the role of grassroots party, focus on young concerns, and implement the party branch activities, so that young party members are in the party. The grassroots party branch should implement the form of life within the party in the party, implement the "three sessions and one lesson", so that the "three will speak"

Leading youth party members to play the role of the energetic force requires youth to establish the correct party’s sense of party, this is the best era. It is the era of personal value. The majority of youth, especially party members, must establish a long ideal, love the great motherland, and ride the wind and break the wind and break the wind. . "Dare to let go of the eyes in the world, don’t wrinkle the abuse to the world", only grassroots party organizations, youth party members grasp the co-management, form a joint force, to create the "red furnace" of youth growth, leading the youth to play a strong role, candle Dreams of 铮.

(Lu Li) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).