Henan will establish an agricultural parallel pollution supervision system to maximize agricultural pollution

The Ecological Environment Department of Henan Province requires strengthening supervision and guidance, promoting the development of agricultural green transformation, minimizing agricultural pollution load.

At the meeting, Henan Province promoted "Nanle Experience".

It is reported that Nanle County will take the lead in building the information environment monitoring and early warning system of county agricultural pavilion in the country, combined with development of green ecological agriculture and the development of green ecological agriculture, and the cultivation of intravenous circulation industries, initially constructs "The farmer’s work" "Non-Three Three" counties circular economy industry chain, green has become the base color of the county rural resolution strategy, effectively promoting the ecological benefits, economic benefits and social efficiency and harmony, and prevention and control of agricultural facial source pollution in the province And agricultural green development, providing a good model model. During the programs, the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Henan Provincial Ecological Environment Department plans to choose 10 agricultural source pollutants based on the province, with the province of 10 agricultural source pollutants, and the water environment quality exceeds the standard. The county (city, district) with a certain work basis has carried out pilot works, exploring the typical model of agricultural palary pollution control, and establishing a strong agricultural parallel pollution monitoring and management system. At present, Henan Province considers the Kaifeng City, Qiqiu, the Yangtze River Basin in the Yellow River Basin, Tanghe, Huaihe River Basin, Xiangfu District, Xincai, Yongcheng, Huangchuan, Yucheng and Haihe River Basin County conduct pilot work.

Before the end of 2023, the pilot county (city, district) should basically improve the agricultural palary pollution supervision system, initially establish an agricultural facial source pollution survey monitoring network, and explore the formation of agricultural palary pollution prevention and control performance assessment system; before 2025, pilot The county (city, district) agricultural production layout should be further optimized, the application of chemical and pesticides is reduced, the comprehensive utilization level of livestock and poultry in the scale continues to increase, the agricultural green development has achieved remarkable results, forming a group of agricultural palary pollution management model, agriculture Source pollution is effectively controlled, water and soil environmental agriculture pollution load is significantly reduced, and the province explores the promotion of can be promoted and promoted and promoted.

It has always been, and the farming industry in Henan is wide, and the comprehensive governance is difficult.

According to the basic data of the second agricultural pollution source census, environmental sensitive district, planting aquaculture industry, the Ecological Environment Department of Henan Province is divided into 30 priorities, 60 key governance, 102 general governance, and 102 types ( City, district), implement differentiation goals and governance measures.

At the same time, Henan Province is working around the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin and the high-quality development and rural residences, along the Yellow River Basin, South Water North Rotation Middle Route, drinking water source, all kinds of natural protection, all kinds of dry flow and important tributation and village around In order to focus on the development of agricultural pavilion pollution control, comprehensive investigation and rectification of livestock and poultry, crop straw, abandoned agricultural film, pesticide packaging waste, etc., livestock and poultry aquaculture wastewater waste and aquaculture end Water is row. (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.