Guangzhou Futures Exchange preparatory group was established

[] After approval by the State Council, the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to set up the Guangzhou Futures Exchange to start the Guangzhou Futures Exchange.On October 9, the SFC announced the establishment of preparatory group in Guangzhou, marking the establishment of the Guangzhou Futures Exchange into the substantive stage.The Securities Regulatory Commission pointed out that the Guangzhou Futures Exchange is to implement the "Outline of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macai District Development Plan" "China (Guangdong) Free Trade Test Area Overall Program" and the Chinese People’s Bank of China, "China People’s Bank of China," About Finance Support Guangdong, Hong Kong, MacauAnother important financial work measures of the district construction, and the major initiatives of the reform and development of the Chinese futures market, which has a major strategic significance for promoting high quality development of the entity economy, the strategic planning of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao Bay Areas, and the national "all the way".Realistic role.