Gande County Justice Bureau: Adhere to the generals and hold the rule of law

Falling in the position, highlighting the stereo radiation effect. With the strong support of the Gundan County Government, under the active cooperation of the members of the county Pufa, one street of the rule of law of Shengli Road was rated as the first batch of "Rule of Law Culture Street" in the province; Kequ Community awarded "Qinghai Provincial Democratic Rule of Law Demonstration The title of the village (community); Long En Temple is listed into the first province’s first "provincial state three-level law into the temple demonstration base"; Gande County Large Rule of Law Culture Theme Square is actively prepared.

Gande County Justice Bureau expands the "Internet + Pu Luan" publicity new position, using the WeChat public platform, opens up the generals of law, the policy policy, laws and regulations, help the masses to easily master the knowledge of law, and improve the participation of the masses.

The team is mutually integrated and promotes the spirit of volunteering.

Qigong Ma Tong, Jiang Qiang Township, Qing Zhen Township, respectively set the "Mahe Youth Procurement Team" "Party Members", "Motorcycle Premier", the county Pufa team expanded to 299, 7 35 people The propaganda team, 164 part-time Poving people all over the county township village agency, these "legal understanding" "Rule of Law" While civilized lifestyle, pay attention to highlighting the practice of publicize the construction of the rule of law and closely relevant policies and laws and regulations related to the production and life of the masses, the people who can understand the people’s hometown and the performance of the people, preach legal knowledge, resolve contradictions, and promote the township Neighborhood, promoting the spirit of socialist rule of law into the masses, integrating daily life. A total of 45 proclaims were carried out, and more than 10,000 people were benefited.