Fuyang: Powerful companies increase 1% profit margin Zhongan online Fuyang channel

  The reporter learned from the recent municipal government executive meeting, the municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to implement the "one percent of the Work Law" in the city, with the cost and profit of the company, integrated, accurate, pragmatic work initiatives, Maximum extent, it is stronger to drive the company to increase the rate of 1% profitability, and strive to achieve the effectiveness of government service results, and enterprises to obtain sensory and commercial environmental optimization can be quantified.

  Recently, the executive meeting of the municipal government considers the "implementation plan" "Implementation Plan" in the "Fuyang City Service Enterprise", clearly adhere to the problem-oriented, focusing on industrial enterprise issues, industry commonality issues and the problem of the market, through implementation "One Enterprise and One Strategy", the key industry "a line of strategy" Urban profit margin increases by 1%.

  In order to achieve the above objectives, the city will target the first-year from Shanghai, Su Zhe, learn the joint, find the gap, insufficient investment, learn from good experience, good practice, to improve the profitability of 1%, and plan a targeted , Actual work starting and initiatives.

Focus on the factors affecting the profit industry such as science and technology, energy consumption, employment, logistics, taxes, financing, supply chain management, select the leading industry leading enterprises to carry out investigation, in-depth analysis of pain points, difficulties and blockages affecting the increase in profit margins, and find out the problem of problem It has targetedly proposed a precise solution to explore the promotion of profit margin improved paths. The Municipal Provincial Secretary will eventually release a comprehensive report or special report in the quarter, and establish a monitoring and early warning enterprise library. All relevant departments have selected 30-50 different industries and different sizes. Monitor the object, implement dynamic monitoring, timely warning, precision policy. The city will also be established by the municipal government to be responsible for the group leader, and the responsible gratitude of comrades shall be responsible for the service enterprise "one percent" leading group, "percent" The organization and implementation of a working method, coordinating major issues and major issues in work.

At the same time, the implementation of various departments and various carrier units "percent" is intended to assess the annual target assessment of the Municipal Government, as an important basis for the evaluation of evaluation.