Beijing Metro Line 14 Lize Business District Station main project is basically completed by the end of the year

Original title: The main project of Lize Business District Station, the main project, basically completed this newspaper (reporter Liu Yang), and the Beijing Metro Line 14 will finally achieve the whole line at the end of the year.

Yesterday, Beijing Youth Daily reported from the Municipal Major Project Office and Beijing Branch of Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd. As the most important node of the remaining section of Beijing Metro No. 14, the main project is basically completed, and recent The remaining segment will be carried out at the full line of completion acceptance. At the end of the year, the initial operation will be achieved. At that time, Metro Line 14, which is full, will implement throughout the line, and multiple bustful commercial regions will implement.

  Jingdu, deputy general manager of Beijing Rail Transportation Construction Management Co., Ltd., said that the remaining section of the 14th line will be about 4 kilometers long, including Eastern Pipe Station, Lize Business District Station, Camp Camp Station, West Railing Station, Jingfengmen Station Five Station Station.

Among them, Jingfeng Gate Station will be transferred to No. 19 line.

After the opening, the east of the existing line is available, and the west section will be implemented.

  Lize Business District is located in the core area of ??the Lize Business District, which can be achieved with the new airport line North Delay, planning Line 11, Lijin line, etc. With the construction of "difficulties" projects such as Lize Business District, Metro Line 14 will also achieve all-line operations, Lize Business District, Fangzhuang Residential Area and Xidawang Road, Wangjing, etc. will be directly connected The line will greatly facilitate the travel of the residents of the southwest, southern and eastern urban districts. Yesterday afternoon, Beiqing reporter went into Lize Business District Station to visit. There were three layers of station with this multiplied train, which used the mall in the mall, very spacious and spectacular.

The top of the station adopts a large skylight design. Whether standing at the station or standing in the platform, it can see the sun in the station, so it is also very bright in the station. The overall color matching of the station has adopted "high gray", which looks very unified with modern business, and is uniform with the surrounding construction. Pan Zhentao, deputy manager of Beijing Urban Construction Rail Transportation Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., is hereby located at the core position of Lize Business District. It is the main transportation hub in the core area, close to many business centers and buildings, with peripheral integrated design, for public space Component, so it is also very "big", with a total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters.

After the opening, passengers can reach the surrounding of Lize Soho, Jintang Building, etc.

  To this end, the Rozing Business District station structure uses very few large spans, overweight large steel colored pieces in subway construction, with a total of 21 Y-shaped steel structure columns, and the weight of each column is over 70 tons, which is created for the station. The visual effect of "Atmospheric Spectacles".

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