Contribute more judicial power to ensure "security on the tip of the tongue"

  Author: Willie submitted the work report of the Supreme People’s Court of the Supreme People’s Court of the National People’s Congress, and in 2021, the national judicial organs concluded 6002 cases of food and drug safety crimes, and severely punished the "diseased pork", "poison strawberry", "poison mask" in accordance with the law. Criminals guard the safety of people’s dining tables and medication safety.

According to the work report of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, in 2021, and the Supreme People’s Court jointly issued a judicial interpretation to strict prosecution and punishment for the strict crimes such as water injection and pseudo -inferior health products. Thousands of crimes rose by%year -on -year. This year’s two high reports have focused on food and drug safety, causing high attention from public opinion.

The relevant measures and data introduced by the two high reports, on the one hand, show that the trials and procuratorial organs at all levels have performed their duties, strictly crack down on various types of food and drug crimes in accordance with the law, and achieved significant results; Repeatedness and cross -regional characteristics still need to fight for the "long -lasting war". In recent years, the safety situation of food and drugs in various places has continued to improve, but it is good to worry.

For example, the source of food safety in some places cannot be ignored in terms of food safety source pollution, "two super -one non -", false propaganda, and mixing fakes; drug safety still needs to be further improved, the supervision of the whole life cycle needs to be strengthened, and so on.

Therefore, keeping the food and drug safety bottom line will still be one of the focus of the two high schools in the future. During the two sessions this year, the representative members were very concerned about food safety and put forward many good suggestions.

For example, Wang Jiangbin, a representative of the National People’s Congress, suggested that the crackdown on toxic and harmful foods, fake medicines and inferior drugs will be further increased.

Liu Qingmin, a representative of the National People’s Congress, believes that for individuals who produce and sell fake drugs, they should reduce the threshold for entry and greatly increase the cost of illegal costs, so that fake fake soldiers are out of their homes and restrict their probation. Zhang Shouzhi, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, proposed that it is necessary to improve the "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Safety Supervision of Online Catering", and improve the punitive compensation standards for platforms and merchants illegal. These opinions are pragmatic and profound, which is conducive to the ideas of relevant organs and departments to find the ideas of improving work. The people’s hope, the direction of politics.

In the report of the two highs, "crimes that seriously endanger public safety and seriously affect the sense of security of the masses … Those who are sentenced to death should be sentenced to death and approved the death penalty in accordance with the law, and the authority of the rule of law is resolutely safeguarded." It expresses the strong determination and firm confidence of cracking down on food and drug crimes, which is particularly angry.

  When talking about the "work arrangement of 2022", the work report of the Supreme People’s Court clearly stated that "criminals such as severe punishment of gun -related explosion, yellow gambling poison, stolen, and food rings."

The work report of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate stated that "strictness and retrofitting risk prevention, safety preservation, stability protection, and promoting development of various tasks, and resolutely maintain national security, social stability, and peace."

These deployments are conducive to guiding courts and procuratorates at all levels and procuratorates.

  The video conference on the deployment of the National Public Security Organ "Kunlun 2022" special action on February 28 emphasized that the special operation of the "Kunlun 2022" was carried out in accordance with the law and severely crack down on food rings and intellectual property crimes in accordance with the law.

Right now, clue investigations have been carried out in various places. Organizational strengths, end denominations, destruction of the network, broken chain, and chasing direction have launched a sharp offensive to food and drug crimes. At the same time, public security, courts, procuratorial and other organs and authorities need to strengthen collaboration and cooperation, further improve the mechanism of execution, and more timely and accurately crack down on food and drug crimes, and jointly improve the effectiveness of special actions. Judicial organs at all levels should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the two high reports, actively play their functions, and use sufficient criminal lawsuits and civil public interest lawsuits to strictly crack down on the legal means of food and drug crimes.

At the same time, we jointly build a new pattern of co -construction, co -governance sharing with relevant departments, stimulate the public participation enthusiasm, condense the effort, and become a city, and continuously strengthen comprehensive governance, source governance, combine defense, multi -pronged approach, and make food crimes without a foothold. The place to hide to ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue." (Willie) [Editor in charge: Liu Chao].