Anhui Anqing notice! These key groups in urban areas will start again of nucleic acid testing

In order to effectively protect the health of the people, after comprehensive research and judgment of experts, on the basis of completing the test of nucleic acid testing of the two rounds of regional regional regional, the city’s new crown pneumonia’s epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters decided to carry out the test of nucleic acid testing in key populations in urban areas.

Sampling time 2022 March 13, 8:00 to 24:00 Sample sampling points A total of 85 key groups of the sampling point 1. Seal control areas, control areas, isolation points, and people; Patients; (sampled by the hospital where they are located) 3. Inpatient patients and accompanying staff, medical institution staff; (sampled by the medical institutions where they are located) 4. Government and community workers, volunteers, etc. participate in the epidemic prevention and control personnel; 5. Public public Placement employees (including catering hotels, supermarkets, hotels, pharmacies, education and training institutions, cultural training institutions, fitness halls, farmers’ markets, KTVs, bars, song and dance halls, Internet cafes, small hotels, small beauty hairdressing and other types Stadium, etc.); 6. Port quarantine inspectors, direct contact with imported goods practitioners; 7. Supervisor staff, staff of social welfare pension institutions; 8. Import cold chain food practitioners; 9. Express, takeaway, etc. 10. Airport, high -speed rail station, bus, bus station, online taxi, taxi, ferry, gas stations, gas stations, gas stations and other transportation service personnel; 11. Faculty of religious venues and other employees; 12. personnel.

Related requirements and precautions (1) Please ask the key personnel to arrange valid documents such as ID cards, foreign identity certificates such as the organization of the unit and community (village), or the well -known mobile phone to the specified sampling point to perform the sampling point in an orderly manner. Collection to ensure that the inspection should be inspected. (2) During the sampling of the nucleic acid, please do personal protection, standardize the mask throughout the process, keep a distance of more than one meter, queue in an orderly manner to avoid gathering. (3) Please actively cooperate with the staff of each sampling point to do a good job of sample collection, and have obligations to remind each other to participate in nucleic acid testing.

For those who refuse to cooperate and do not support nucleic acid detection sampling work, Ankang Code will be adjusted to yellow code.

At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Prevention and Control of the People’s Republic of China", I shall bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

(4) Please pay attention to the release of official information in a timely manner, and consciously do not believe in rumors, rumors, and make rumors.

Original title: From 8 o’clock tomorrow, these key groups of Anqing City will start nucleic acid testing again.