First -line warfall · Zhenru Town Street | 15 days, 12 people, nearly 10,000 boxes of materials!

"The epidemic prevention work is really hard, but when I go to bed every day, I think everyone is fighting together.

He is like the lubricant in the team, maintaining the stable and long -term operation of each ring. Not only that, as a native of "old truth", in addition to from April 14, Zhao Weiqing will not support the protection of epidemic prevention materials for a day, and he also comes forward at the end Essence

"This retired soldier is very actively helping to maintain the order of nucleic acid detection, transporting residents’ living materials, assisting in collecting garbage … Their volunteer joins to support the temperature of the community’s big family.

"The secretary of the residential district party’s general branch mentioned Zhao Weiqing’s praise, and thank him very much for his selfless protection.

After 95, the retired soldiers showed the "epidemic" power of the youth war at 9:00 on April 25th. It was really silent in the area, and the lobby on the first floor of the office was still bright … This is because another group of new materials are waiting for unloading. The staff Volunteers are still busy.

These supplies came suddenly. At that time, the volunteers were ready to rest at home, but after receiving the notice, they immediately responded and returned to work.

Volunteers Lu Lei, Zhao Weiqing, Fang Chao, Liu Zhengwen, He Jiang, and Tian Libin continued to put on the "blue shirt", and they stood on the bottom floor and will be full of an container car and about 400 boxes of epidemic prevention materials. Enter the warehouse and work until 10 pm.