Liaoning: Good policy "exemption is to enjoy" and "charcoal in the snow" accurate and direct

Original title: Good policy "exemption is to enjoy" and "charcoal in the snow" accurately obtains the application materials without submitting it. Dongsoft Medical System Co., Ltd. enjoyed the preferential policy of depreciation deduction and seal tax reduction of equipment and appliances. With the reform of "exemption to enjoy", this year’s Sanyi Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. is expected to easily enjoy the policy dividend of about 60 million yuan.

More than these. "No, the 3 million yuan science and technology project supports funds to get the account immediately. According to the procedures of last year, we can only be fulfilled at the end of the year." As an alliance company and the list of units, it can carry out scientific and technological research in half a year in advance. Shenyang Tianyan Zhiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Zixin, executive deputy general manager, is very excited. In addition to these support, the company also received 5 million yuan of discount loans at the beginning of the year. The policy bonus superimposed, and the company’s confidence in development was even more confident.

This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the development of enterprises faced many difficulties. In order to help the enterprise relieved, Liaoning Province took precision policies and measures for various industries.

Among them, in order to accelerate the dividend of the policy, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government deepen the reform of "decentralization of management" and launch a "exemption to enjoy" policy, that is The platform automatically pushes the various preferential policies that enterprises and the masses can enjoy, which truly realizes "no need to run at a time." The Provincial Taxation Bureau is a pilot unit of "exemption and enjoyment" reform of the Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Policy. Since the beginning of this year, the Provincial Taxation Bureau has "tagged" 463 policies, and has accurately pushed direct direct enterprises online. More than 1 million pieces of policy information pushed by pushed the important role in the epidemic situation.

According to statistics, in the first four months of this year, the province’s 2.09 million taxpayers and payers enjoyed taxes and fees for 100 million yuan in accordance with the "exemption and enjoyment", reducing the application of more than 2.9 million times. "The government has made us a ‘shaking shopkeeper’, and the burden of taxes and fees is reduced a lot.

"Datang International Shendong thermal Electric Co., Ltd. has praised the financial leadership of" exemption and enjoy ", and the confidence in the development of Liaoning is becoming more firm. Accelerating the realization of policy dividends, and the government departments at all levels of Liaoning Province have changed their ideas and actively act. On the 15th, the Provincial Business Environment Construction Bureau was officially launched on the development and construction of the Liaosong APP development and construction, and simultaneously released the province’s first batch of "exemption to enjoy" policies in the province.

The first list was included in 573 matters, involving 5 provinces (middle) direct departments and 11 cities and 12 counties (districts), including tax reduction and exemption, high -tech enterprise awards, and subsidies for corporate stabilization. The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology passed the "exemption to enjoy", which benefited from the new "Little Giant" enterprise, the industrial Internet field of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s industrial Internet in Liaoning Province, and selected the green factory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, green design products, green design products, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Enterprises such as green supply chain management; the provincial human resources and social security department of unemployment insurance and stabilizing the return policy to fully implement the "exemption and enjoy". Difficulties caused by reasons such as "not to do" and "afraid of difficulty doing" and other reasons such as high application rates and insufficient policy coverage; the Provincial Department of Science and Technology implemented award -to -supplement policy on science and technology, high -tech enterprises, and glaze unicorn enterprises "Exemption to enjoy" will benefit technology companies with more than 10,000 households in the province. The deployment of one point, the nine points were implemented.

The reform of the "exemption is to enjoy" further enhanced the intelligence and precision level of government services, and promoted the transition from passive services at all levels from passive services to active services, from "looking for policies" to "policies to find people", and realized policy dividends to reach direct direct interest Enjoy it quickly, so that the market entities can get "real gold and silver" at the fastest speed, and boost market confidence. The person in charge of the Provincial Business Environment Construction Bureau said that next, based on the list of "exemption and enjoyment" policies that have been launched, it will dynamically adjust and improve the implementation of the policy.

Promote all regions and departments to do a good job of policy propaganda and guidance, further expand policy coverage, and enhance the awareness and sense of gain of the enterprise. (Editor -in -chief: Xiaoyuan, Tonglong) Share more people to see the client download.