Tang Ze smiled and said:“After all, apart from murder and revenge,You have better,You don’t need to ruin your own way of revenge, right??”

“But there is no way,I will choose to do it myself。”
Shimabukuro with a look of helplessness:“The case happened three years ago,A fire burned everything,What do you say?
I didn’t think about calling the police,Let the three pay the price they deserve,But now there is no way,After all, who would confess his homicide??”
Speaking of which,Shimabukuro looked at Tang Ze with a bitter smile:“I think even you,Can’t do anything about this situation?”
“Is it?That’s not necessarily。”
Tang Ze looked at Shimabukuro Junhui,Strong confidence in the eyes:“Nothing is impossible,As long as you break through the opponent’s psychological defense,Then it’s not difficult to get the other party to confess the crime!”
Psychology is a magical field,Even if its true face makes countless people who choose this industry want to cry without tears。
But just listening to its title sounds cool,This also means that the perception of this industry in people’s impressions is indeed with such a trace“magical”Inside。
And with a micro expression,You can become a mind-reading master that everyone is afraid of。
Fully understanding your mental state,When you can read your emotions with micro expressions,How different is it from real mind reading?。
The same,If you fully understand a person’s state of mind,Want to break through a few who have not received professional training,The psychological line of defense for fanatic believers who have no mental talent,How difficult is it?
Facing the question from Junhui Shimabukuro,This is how Tang Ze explained。
“This man is terribly learned。”Shimabukuro looked at Tang Ze in front of him and exclaimed silently。