“Thank you,no need。”Tang Ze smiled politely,Unconsciously raised a little voice,“Don’t hide,Some progress recently,Although I haven’t confirmed the relationship。”

“what,There is an object。”Miyamoto Yumi was disappointed:“Your order is really fast,It seems that the partners at the sorority will be disappointed。”
“It’s just fate。”Tang Ze smiled politely。
And accompanied by Tang Ze’s words,Solemn next moment“Coercion”Disappeared,Obviously the people around also heard the conversation between the two,Classify Tang Ze as“harmless”Here。
“Tang Ze Criminal,You are here…what…”
The other side,Officer Takagi came over with a dinner plate,But the next moment a more terrifying coercion is coming,Make him unconsciously cold sweat。
At this moment he saw,Who is the person sitting next to Tang Ze,And who is next to the seat Tang Ze specially reserved for him。
Although it’s nice to be able to sit next to my goddess,But the horror around makes him extremely difficult every step he takes。
“Oh~Takagi~Come and sit~”Mikako Sato turned her head when she heard the voice,Beckoning Takagi to sit over,“I heard that you and Tang Zejun were in charge of a case,how is the progress?”
So under Tang Ze’s sympathetic eyes,Takagi“Pain and happiness”Sat next to Mikako Sato。
But with Sato Miwako’s question,Takagi also gradually relaxed,I just ignored the horrible pressure around me,Talked to Mikako Sato and laughed,It’s quite kind“Go to death generously”Determination。
Anyway, the ending has fallen,So it’s better to seize the opportunity to get along with the goddess。
According to Tang Ze’s observation,Takagi’s mentality changes at the moment,80% should be this journey, right。
But it’s also possible that you simply forgot about the threats around you,But have to say,The power of love is so powerful~
“Will you give me anything?”After Mikako Sato listened to Takagi’s narration,Shook his head:“The mind of the rich,It’s really hard to understand the people of us。”
“What does her husband think?。”Miyamoto Yumi also asked。
“Now as a diplomat,Overseas。”Tang Ze replied based on the intelligence of the investigation:“So we don’t know what the other party thinks、”
“Simply“Happy prince”What。”Miwako Sato couldn’t help feeling。
Tang Ze:“Happy prince”?