While talking and laughing all the way,Everyone also came to the store that the person in charge said,And this is also where Monliesa weaving works。

From the boss,They learned that Monesaki has lost the one drawn at the festival last year.,Become restless,I’m afraid that the mermaid will avenge her。
“But it’s just an arrow,How could I lose my arrow?,Just missing?”Kogoro Mouri was obviously unbelievable when he heard this。
“Because there are really people!”At this moment,A short-haired female clerk suddenly said:“That’s a talisman that can live forever,You see today are all tourists coming for it,You know how attractive it is。”
Seeing that everyone didn’t believe it,The waitress with short hair smiled:“This is what the fate of immortality after eating mermaid meat said personally。
And above the arrow,Still tied with hair that has the power of life,The desire to live forever can definitely come true!”
Speaking of which,The woman with short hair smiled sarcastically:“You said you lost such precious,How could she not be afraid,It’s not impossible to escape from this island。”
After speaking,Women with short hair don’t care about everyone’s reactions,Walked straight away,Kind“The world is drunk and I am alone”Arrogance,Almost out of words。
After Kogoro Mori on the side asked the female boss after the other party left,I learned that the other party’s name is Naoko Kuroe,It’s Monri Saori’s childhood sweetheart who grew up together。
As for the fate in her mouth,The chief priest in charge,Is also a representative of this small island,The legendary man who ate the mermaid and gained immortality。
And according to what the store manager said,The fateful granddaughter,It is also Monri Saori’s childhood sweetheart,Maybe I can get some news about Monle Saori from her。
Without any choice,Tang Ze and others set off again towards the shrine。
First255chapter Idiot Heiji【Ask for votes~】
“We always feel like a group of headless flies,Running east and west,There is no purpose at all。”
Walking on the way to the shrine,Hattori Heiji drooped and vomited。
“is it?I think it’s more appropriate for a character like a serial task in the game,Get a clue before looking for the next one。”Tang Ze held Ayako’s hand and smiled casually。