Carrying Chu Hong and walking out,Huidai asked me if I wanted to inform Wenru in a low voice,Listening to him booming in the bedroom,I don’t think it is necessary to disturb him,Just let this guy go happy。

Follow Huidai into the iron gate in the flower pond,Hui used the iron ring to open the door,Then I saw the huts I saw before,The structure of this floor is similar to the one I lived in earlier,And it’s the internal passage of the sacred tree。
Climbing the ladder with Chu Hong for a long time,I didn’t feel exhausted,The body is still light and comfortable,It seems to be the reason for the improvement in physique after transformation。
Chu Hong shouted angrily:“Bastard put me down quickly,Climbing so high makes my head dizzy!”I can’t control her,Follow Huidai to the upper residential floor。
This layer is similar to the bottom,There is no flower pond on the side of the sacred tree,But planted a lot of pine trees,These pine trees still look very dense。
Drilling out of the pine forest,Outside are still huge balconies and several high and low huts,Huidai walked in front of me and opened the door,I was shocked when I opened the living room door,It turned out that the elder was sitting upright at the round table in the living room,Unsmiling。
Elder Chi.Topless,Those large and small golden rings are intricately interspersed and hung on his body,Shining looks very uncomfortable。
Watching me carry Su Mei into the house,He is calm,The expression is as indifferent as before,I carried Su Mei into the bedroom,Set her up and walk out of the room,The elder’s voice rang:“Maid, avoid it first,I have something to tell him。”
Huidai bowed down and saluted the elders respectfully,Then he got up and walked out of the room,The elder still faces me indifferently:“I heard that you are going to fight the demigod surnamed Zhou?”
I walked to him,Learn to sit on the floor,It’s more natural this time,Did not feel the leg stiffness:“Yes!It was his challenge,I just challenge。”
The elder’s face has not changed at all,Can’t see any expressions:“do not worry,I’m not here to stop you,in contrast,I come today,I want to teach you the basics of divine power,So you can achieve absolute victory。”
The elder’s voice is as plain as water,His tone seems to be speaking to a stranger,No sense**Color in it。
I was a little surprised,When I felt at a loss, a teacher showed up,And this teacher is still a superior elder,This surprise is too big。