the next day,Dawn,I really want to see how much salary I paid,But these five points,I shouldn’t go to work yet!Help with all the housework at home,Mom went to chat with the neighbor,I took the only five hundred dollars left,Went to the bookstore。

When passing by Xuyangjia Community。
“Little girl!“A crisp voice stopped me!I look towards the sound,What’s happening here,The aunt from the pharmacy called me!But who is standing beside??Xu Yang!
“Aunt,It is you!Uh,Aunt,Who are you Xu Yang?“
“Hey?Girl, you know my son!“What happened in this life?Why did I know Xu Yang’s mother,I was a disgusting person in my previous life,Because she instigated family and friends to persuade Xu Yang to break up with me,I won’t break up with me on time every Chinese New Year like a woman once a month!How does this make me face。
“Oh,is it?That’s really a coincidence!I know Xu Yang,But not very familiar!“
“That’s okay,Know now,Girl come to my house to play,Just so you know,There should be a lot of talk!“
“No more,Aunt,I have something to go now。Such a hot day,If not for work,Must be hiding at home。Ha ha”
“Go,Go to my house。She gave me the white fungus and lotus seed soup you ate last time“Xu Yang speaks now!
“That’s what I asked you to thank you for borrowing the book!Don’t think too much!“What do you mean!Say this kind of misunderstanding?I sent you off anyway,It’s up to me to give it to me。
“Didn’t think much!It’s so hot,Go to my house and sit down!“What and what,You were cold with me last time??
“Aunt,I really won’t go,I’m going to buy test paper materials,Then go home and wait for the teacher to teach me,Goodbye, Auntie。“I finished talking and ran away。I don’t want this kind-faced auntie and I to turn our faces and think that I will drag her son,Her son is her baby,Can I not grab it?!
“Hey!!Girl,Don’t run!“
“Forget mom,See you again。“
“How does this girl feel like she is running away,Definitely not my problem,Did you offend her,Or bullied her?“
“mom,Why don’t you say I was bullied by her,Afraid you blame her,So ran!“
“Okay,You stinky brat!Can bully a little girl,You treat me stupid!“The woman took Xu Yang’s ear and dragged it back home。
Xiaoxi who came to the bookstore,Panting。
“If known,Will my son and I fall in love with me in the street??If I knew I kicked her son,Will you hit me?!Oh my god,I’ll take a detour in the future!adhere to,Only one and a half months left,They will move out in a month and a half!“Shook his head,Look at the information with energy,too expensive,too expensive。Current prices,An examination paper costs more than twenty yuan,But no matter how high prices are,It seems that books have always been at this price,Never rose。500 yuan is not enough,I bought two sets of test papers for each subject,More than 400 yuan。