”……You have to buy a computer!“

”Why buy a computer?“
”I have a website,The above can be translated into live and profitable!Don’t you think you want to make money“
”Uh,Is about to start making money!translation,I will!I can speak japanese,Korean,English,French,and also”
“enough!When did you speak so many languages!“
”Well~~~I learned it when I was bored!“
”……I do not know how!unusual!unusual!“
”What’s wrong?“
”Nothing hurry up!I will go back later, I will apply for an account for you on the computer to see if there are any good tasks!”
“it is good!I haven’t made any money yet!Never short of money!I never thought I would have such a day!”Isn’t this nonsense?You just graduated from high school,Does your family need you to make money?That’s impossible!“
”Hehe!How about you raise me!”
“roll!”I’m just a lazy cook,If it’s not for raising a few good children,,Why do I live so freely!Although I made some money myself,But those are all water chestnuts!
Ignore this fool!
”mom,There are still houses to sell here?“