Although tortured,But he was not overly hurt,Those guys are very professional,Although it caused him great pain,But the body is just skin trauma,So soon the body will recover。

The only regret is the severe burns on the face,According to those professional doctors,Lu Xiong’s face was burned by a laser-like light,Such burns are very rare,And the burn area is as high as 90%,If you want to recover, you can only do skin grafting。
But this skin graft surgery needs to wait a year before it can be performed,And this operation has to be done by an American expert,There is no such condition and technology in China,And this operation costs a lot of money,So Lu Xiong needs to be patient。
There are Wang Jun’s bodyguards everywhere in the deep mountain villa,And there are dedicated nursing staff in the villa,He has never enjoyed such a luxurious life since he was a child,more importantly,There are also special beauties in the villa,Hurry up and use the nunchaku hum haha,This makes Lu ambitious, a single dog for many years.,I feel like I have entered a paradise on earth。
More than a month later,Wang Jun finally appeared,Lu Xiong expressed his gratitude to him,Wang Jun enthusiastically told him not to see outsiders,He also said that Master Lu Xiong Wu Hai was his lifesaver,If it weren’t for him, I would rescue him on the island,I’m afraid I’ve already turned into dead bones on the island。
Lu Xiong was shocked,Unexpectedly, Wang Jun and Master met on the island,He had been dubious about what Master said before,He has also heard of the legend of Penglai Fairy Island,It is said that the place seems to be where the ancient gods lived,Ordinary people can’t reach it。
Those legends simply cannot exist,And modern science is so prosperous,If the island existed, it would have been discovered,Where can I get them??But the facts are in front of you,Can’t help but not believe。
Wang Jun smoking a cigar,Told Lu Xiong a long time ago,He said he went overseas to expand his business three years ago,As a result, there was a strange storm halfway through,Bad weather caused the passenger ship to deviate from the course,In the end it overturned and sank in the reef waters,He followed a large number of survivors to a weird island,For survival,They live hand in hand together,More than two months later,Their people keep disappearing mysteriously,After everyone discussed,Wang Jun decided to take someone into the inner island to find the missing friends。
Listening to Lu Xiong said this,I feel complicated,I didn’t expect that Wang Jun would still be a repeat customer!
It seems I underestimated him,It seems Wenbao was right,There are more than one group of people from this island。
But one of them is,Wang Jun that bastard is insidious and cunning,And definitely played Lu Xiong’s brain,Maybe those stories are also made up to deceive him,I have been on this island for so long,There are also great customers like Ouyang,I am not as easy to be fooled like Lu Xiong。
After going deep into the inner island,Wang Jun and their friends suffered a lot,First they were hunted by tigers in abandoned buildings,Seven people who were hunted by tigers died!This terrible experience caused those who followed Wang Jun to turn back,There are only five people left to follow Wang Jun to continue。
Listen to him till here,I can’t help but think of the observation post on the cliff,So asked:“Did they find the wooden house on the cliff when they entered the inner island??”
Lu Xiong shook his head:“The king didn’t tell me,He just said that after going deep into the inner island。”
Lu Xiong continues to tell Wang Jun’s experience,The fourth day in the inner island,They were surrounded by wild men in the woods,Some of those wild men can speak Chinese,Savage told them to go back quickly,Said they have stepped into the forbidden zone of gods,You will be punished by the gods if you don’t leave。