“Ugh,Hee,How to do!Always show up in front of you!Anti-detective skills trained for so long,It doesn’t seem to be useful in front of you!What should i do with you?“

“Why always push me away?Do you think it hurt??Haven’t you forgotten me?Why not accept me?Hee,do not leave me!No matter what I endure in this life!Won’t let you leave me!“
in the dark,the man,Holding a sleeping woman,Speak softly as if the other party can hear!But he dare not say everything,Afraid she hates him more,Stay away from him!
that’s it,Xu Yang embraced Xi into his dreamland,I didn’t care about Xiaoxi’s saying that he should go to Xiaosheng’s room to sleep.!Two people sleep well。
……Next morning……
Warm sun I welcome fragrance Whose girl is it
I walked on that small bridge
You play melancholy
The little girl singing by the bridge The corner of your eye is flowing
A cappella recorded on the phone,Songs that do not belong to this era,No dubbing,Only the clear and sweet voice humming the lyrics。
”Woo!!!!Oh my god!It’s half past five!Seems to be sleeping for a while!“
”Ok,Then sleep for a while!“Lying on the ground floor, Xiao Xi rose to a big lazy waist,Yawning and complaining。Suddenly there was a man’s voice nearby,Blowing in her ears while speaking。
Ears are weak points!Sore!Smiling face flushed。
”Xu Yang!Are they still human??“
”Hush,Be quiet,Your mother is up!“
”Fuck your uncle!Why are you still here!“Hear here,Still asked in a low voice。
”You press my hand,I can’t go!How is it baby,Did you sleep soundly last night?“
“Xiang you sister!This issue,I’ll settle accounts with you later,Get up quickly!My mom will wake me up in a while!“