Chapter Fifty Slipped away

I heard Ouyang’s chewing sound,That guy is probably eating,Hear him eat,I screamed in my stomach,Fortunately, the voice is weak and not heard by him。
The woman’s voice:“Uncle Ouyang,Haven’t we heard from the search and rescue team??”
Ouyang answered vaguely:“Yes,Guo Jinhai keeps saying that there will be search and rescue ships coming,But I haven’t seen anything for so long。”
The woman’s voice sounds very clear,Estimated to be in the early twenties:“Uncle,You better take me down,Let me meet them,So everyone can take care of each other。”
Ouyang’s voice gets excited:“No way!Absolutely not!Do you know who Guo Jinhai is?That guy is just a bastard,You didn’t have a good time with him,Trust me!You listen to me,Stay here and don’t run around,Wait for the search and rescue team to come,I will take you there。”
“Didn’t you say that the search and rescue team was sent by Guo Jinhai’s company??What if he doesn’t agree?”The girl’s voice is very confused。
“Hey,Xiao Zhang, why don’t you understand!Guo Jinhai is a big satyr,Now he is hitting those girls’ ideas,If not for me,I guess they were all humiliated by the surname Guo,Don’t worry,I will find a way for the ship,You don’t need to worry,Just wait for my news。”Ouyang’s voice sounds very resentful,A sense of justice。
This guy is bragging again!It seems that his virtue cannot be changed。
“Of course I understand,Can stay here for a long time,I’m going crazy,This place is more terrifying than jail!“The girl’s voice is very anxious。
Guo Jinhai was silent for a while,Then speak:”How about this,I will arrange for a girl to come over in a while,I let her live with you!“
That girl sounds very excited:“Really uncle,That would be great!It’s easy for everyone to chat with a sister。”
Ouyang continued:“The girl has a bad temper,You should just order with her。”