Especially the live broadcast of people seeing a doctor before the drug diet door,It can be said that this time is directly the basis of Li Hui’s title。

That is,God doctor brother directly became a exclusive representation of Li Hui Feng。
“Row,I will apply it to you.。”
“Hey-hey,Then thank you big brother.。”
soon,Shen Tian Si reflected the things of Li Hui’s way to the top.,At the same time, I also expressed my wishes.。
And the construction of the dormitory is also a green light。
Since this, Shen Tian Si will approve the dormitory building.,Ye Shuangzhou is also directly to get the right to make the mountain’s development and management rights.。
Ye Shuangzhou directly finds its own big brother,And the consent of his big brother is also immediately approved.。
But the same, he also agreed to his big brother’s condition.。
That is the test civil service。
But once the civil servant,His live broadcast can not be so chic before.。
In fact, according to the level of the boucery,He feels that he can take it.,And it is still very easy,But think of the kind of life without free,He is a big head。
Li Hui also did not expect Ye Shuangzhou, and it’s all.。
But the development of the mountain,He is also no hand for a time.。
In order to speed up the progress,Li Hui also found Xu Laifu directly。
Then, the shine can boater, let Xu Lai Fu help it.。
He knows that many villages are still in poverty,The good development now is Lotus Village,Taohua Village,Three villages in Zhaojia Village。
The lotus village belongs to the leading lead。
Li Hui Feng put the recruiting thing to Xu Laifu,Also gave Xu Laifu, a chance that can be arrears。
Xu Laifu did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually tried two hundred workers.,This is not a small number。
But he did not publish it directly。
Instead, call the village of several villages.,Then I said that Li Li’s salary is given.。
I know that I can earn two hundred days a day.,And in noon, I still have a meal.,Two hundred places are directly scored。
And Xu Laifu also enjoys the treatment of he has not enjoyed the year.。
soon,The second day of the two hundred people came to Lianhua Village.。
But this time Li Hui has not come out.,Instead, the Ye Shuangzhou explained it.。
Dashan development,According to the planning of the leaves,It is the first way to repair the way.,Repair a road to Maple Lin。
Stone step is also slowly starting to transport to Lotus Village。
I learned that Li Hui Feng wants to develop the mountain.,Also repair,At the first one of the National Day, he said that he wants to help.。
“Lee Boss,I am walking in the road.,My team is professional.,Not me blowing,I have a top two of the people in this mountain road.,And experienced。”
Li Huihe heard this,It’s also laughing.。