With Tan He’s words,This,It is the people around you.,The more you look, the more touch。

After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,In fact, from itself,Already completely posted。
slowly,But in these people, I watched it.。
This,Tan He’s whole person is, the more you look, the more excited。
But at this moment,people around me,When watching Tan He,It is the next consciousness.。
“Before Han Fi, the relationship between this kid is good.,And also protect him,We are worried about Han Fang……”
As people around you said to Tan He,Tan He at this time,Face-made ugly。
Actually there will be such a thing?
Think here,Tan He is biting his teeth,Heart is a fire in anger。
After all, now,at this point,What should I do?。
In fact itself,It should also be a broken.。
so,When Tan He is thinking,Tan He at this time,I can’t wait to give those people to the corpse.。
“hateful,Damn born,I didn’t think of it.,Things will become so tricky!”
“but,How can Han Si?,I am dead son.,If Han Fang, if you dare to intervene,Let’s,Just fight with him!”
When Tan He said on this,Side around those people。
originally,Everyone has some scruples.。
but now,Since Tan He said so,Then in their hearts,The last point of concern,It is even more disappeared.。
Tan Hehe,These people suddenly became excited。
“Is this still used?,Let’s everyone,Naturally, I still have to kill the kid.。”
“Say something wrong,if not,Let’s everyone,Isn’t it too passive??”
“If I want to say,Start now,Let’s everyone,In fact, there is no time to consider these inconsistent places.,Decided,Just start starting。”
At this moment,With those people around,I have said that I am here.。
The more now,In fact, treating these things,How to do it in the end。
In the hearts of those people around,It is completely angry.。
After all, now,Such a thing,anyway,In fact, it should be completely broken.,This can only。
And with Tan He,at this time,Tan He’s side,Others are here, they are here.。
“you,What to do with me??”
Shen Xuan original,Plan to act。
but,These swordsmen,Always think that Shen Xuan is going to deal with something。
So what about them?,It is not planning to leave.。
Seeing these people,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart is deep,More more, feel very depressed。
“Ugh,never mind,Since you are willing to follow,So,You just follow it.。”
Anyway,For Shen Xuan,In fact, such a thing,Instead, I can’t stand anything.。
slowly,Toned these。