“Liu Shengzi,My grass your old mother,Poison is my,But you pay attention。”The blood is empty.:“yours,If you don’t pay attention,I can provide poisonous。”

“All right,Dagujun,Bloody sky,You have two。”Lin Feng is lying on the chair:“This thing can’t be so much.,You play me with poison,I can stop it.?”
“Lin Feng,This is not?I will go back to the people who convince the blood jacket.,The profit of the Moon Lake in Xijiang Province,We are not charged?”Bloody path。
“Gamble,so,I will help you in the domestic market in the island.,You also know that our empire is very developed.,I like jade,There is very broad market in the market.。”Liu Shengzi is on the ground,This is hit by Lin Feng’s palm.,Even breathing, you have tolerate huge pain。
“Lin Feng,Don’t believe him,They are most exciting。”Bloody path:“Not only Western Jiang Province,Some profits in Donghai,We can control25%,This25%We are also charged normally,May not?”Blood length is once again opened:“And I know that you and Shenlong are taught.,Our blood jacket will be willing to alliance with Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”
“All right,You don’t want to take a condition with me.。”Lin Feng faint:“I don’t want you to offer any discounts.,What market is available?,You will eat this.。”
Lin Feng took out the jade bottle,The jade bottle climbed out of the two magic!
Liu Shengzi looked at this magnetic face,Who doesn’t know the Miao’s magic in this world?,It’s a horrible thing in the world.,Who wants to be controlled by the magic,Will suffer,Will crash。
“Demon!”The bloody gear is also dead, staring at the magic in Lin Feng.:“Lin Feng,Do you do other conditions?。”
“impossible,Either die now!”Lin Feng cold road:“Your body will thrown from this floor.,Since then there is no one in the world.,As for the forces behind you, I traveled me.?I’m not afraid,Blood clothing will not necessarily want to make our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Midnight Merry Bell is horror,But this is Huaxia,It is said that the people of the midnight will be used to make a strong man who exceeds the magical power.?”
“Eight roads!”Liu Sheng, Dado heard angrily。
“Depend on!”Lin Feng went up,He stepped on the sternum of Liu Sheng Dasu。
“what!”Liu Shengzuo is very painful。
“Eight your sister!”Lin Feng took a word:“Sinuction。”This will Liu Sheng is very polite.,Depend on,The end of the end,Ambition is also very big。
Lin Feng directly opened the mouth of Liu Shengzi,The latter nephew worms into the throat of Liu Sheng Dasu,Then I went into the abdomen of Liu Shengzuo.,After three five breathing, Lin Feng looked up the foot.,Liu Sheng has a tragic call in the big sore throat.。
Directly roll on the ground。
Blood genius looked at Liu Shengzo, rolling on the ground,He can’t help but hit a cold.。
“Bloody sky,It is yourself or I personally?”Lin Feng stood up and looked at the blood of the blood.。
“I will do it myself。”The blood is not hesitant,He bite his teeth directly and made a decision.,Instead of being planted by Lin Feng on the body,It is better to take the magic to。
“it is good,Magical, and my heart,You don’t want to play something。”Lin Feng cold road:“Swallow。”Lin Feng directly gave a bloody sky between the words。
The blood is getting laterally,He bite his teeth,Put the magic in your mouth,Then the demon is slowly climbed into his belly,Then stick it on his heart.,Then the gradually gradually and the heart is integrated。
Lin Feng looked at this scene:“very good,very good,You know very well,Daxujun is so willful,Let him keep him for a while.。”
Lin Feng continues to lying on the chair between talking,Looking at a smoke and lie lying on the ground to fight rolling Liu Shengzhi。
“Yes,Lee!”Blood geniochid heard,Also sitting on the sofa,The look of the bloody air is disappearing on the empty body.。
Lin Feng heard the sofa to close his eyes。
Twenty minutes later,Liu Shengzizi finally can’t hold money.,Lin Feng will stop the magic,He looked at Liu Shengzao, who was squatting on the ground.:“Service or uncomfortable?”
“I have served,Gamble,I have served。”Liu Sheng Dawu is busy。
“very good,very good,Good service。”Lin Feng is cold and staring at Liu Shengzao:“Don’t think about the magic,Once I was induced by me,You must die in the first time。”
“Yes,Yes,Gamble,I must not。”Liu Sheng Juzzo climbs up and squatted on the ground。
“All right,You continue to drink tea,I go first,be honest,Blood length, the phone opened this day,I have something to find you.。”Lin Feng stood up and left.。
“Yes,Lee!”Blood length, hurriedly responded。
It is getting dark,Lin Feng drives to the Hujiang, China, China.,Night color,A urgent brake sound sounded,Luxury car in the foot of the mountains of Jinlong Mountain,One of the head is an ordinary Datang car,Datang car door open,I have gone out of a figure.。