In the secret room,Li Ming, the owner of the wandering martial arts gym, only wears shorts,Sit cross-legged,A field full of sharp and sharp aura formed around him,Flying in the field365Road metal blade,These blades are fast or slow,Like lightning、Like a butterfly、Like fallen leaves,Form a very harmonious spherical shape with each other。

Unexpected,This365Daofei knives combined with each other,Form a golden fish,The fish is swimming happily around Li Ming’s body,However, the sharp edge on the surface of the fish does not really touch,It also cracks the metal material on the surface of the chamber。
“Babata,I don’t need to escape Tissot,It was displayed by ordinary alloy flying knives“Swordfish Array”How is the first power?”Li Ming asked in a secret room with him alone。
Use or not to force weapons,The gap can be very large,Use Dun Tissot to cast“Swordfish Array”Third level,Or arc cutter‘Waning moon’Ultimate power,Easy for Li Ming。
But use the most common alloy blade,Most cosmic powerhouses can’t do it。
Suddenly the black bracelet in Li Ming’s hand released a light,Staggered to form a phantom like a real black-robed child。
“I can only say so-so!”The intelligent life of the owner of Meteorite,Demon Barbata said critically:“You are now the fourth-level constant star,Golden Realm Yae,Thought force amplitude71Times,Plus, I have used Dun Tissot for so many years,It is only natural to be able to use ordinary flying knives to display the first layer of the swordfish array。”
“If you just follow the requirements of the core disciples of powerful forces in the general universe,You can be considered excellent now。but!”Babata raised tones,“You are the disciple chosen by the master,As an immortal powerhouse,And in immortality, they are all disciples of powerful masters,You can barely reach the pass line at this level!”
“Even last time you fought against Hong,Actually lost!Although Hong is also in the line of Meteor Star,But he doesn’t have an immortal martial artist’s inheritance.,The secret techniques of the martial artist are all at the master level,You actually lost to him!”
“It’s just warriors fighting,I didn’t use my mental power!”Li Ming said helplessly。If you use mental power,Hong must not be Li Ming’s opponent。But that time,He played against Hong by means of warriors,In fact, the two are almost the same in terms of realm,On the strength of the body is comparable,Li Ming is the fifth-level constant star,Hong is only Level 4。It stands to reason that Li Ming has a great advantage,But Li Ming is far inferior to Hong in thinking about the force weapon,Melee skills are not as good as Hong,Finally lost。
“Even warriors can’t fight,Your martial arts secret is inherited by the strongest Iron Sword Hou among the eight immortal men of the master!And more importantly, you still have the supervision and guidance of this adult。”Babata’s projected face must be attached to Li Ming’s face,Li Ming had no choice but to thank Babata,Projection without spit。
“All right,You have now reached the limit of the power of Escape Tissot,Next, you go to the trial space of the virtual universe and try to use Yan Shenbing.。”
Li Ming’s face immediately turned bitter gourd color,The control of Yan Shenbing is thousands of times more difficult than Dun Tiansuo。
About 25 years ago,When he entered the killing field in the virtual space,When playing against another super genius with a constant star rating of 3 and 6 stars,Although the intensity of consciousness、Both the increase in mind power and the realm are higher than the opponent,But I was so crushed by the opponent,It was even shattered one after another Dun Tiansuo and the arc cutter,Finally defeated。
Li Ming complained to Babata,Whether it is the arc cutter or the Dun Tissot, the power is still weaker,Limited power。
after that,Babata recommended a fifth-order Nianli weapon to him with a smile on his face.。