Doll sighs,What he said,It is indeed this wave of war.,PVBThe situation that is about to face。

“Yes,PVBThis wave should not be so played.,Their fault tolerance is too low.。After being caught the opportunity,The next field will become such a fact that it is easy to understand.。”
Miller took a sentence,Then he continues to open.。
“There is also,IGThis wave treatment is great.,Especially Vrews。”
“Correct!Viruz directly found opportunities,Opened this wave of group battle。In this group,He also deals with the perfect perfect。”
“Hey,Correct,Jess enrollment,The flash response of Viru is really fast。There is also a face-to-pending。”
“Wow……Really handled too good。”
Chapter 306 Win the first victory
And their voice,Also after this,Passing in the ear of all audiences。
“Oh my God,This group,Give me a dress。”
“I really,This wave of groups, my heart jumped out.,Really good, Gongbao。”
“IGIt is a smallPVB,It’s really fierce。”
“Hahaha,The front sling is enough.。However, the two teams have really good fucking.,Ignore。”
“This is really pure fucking,This is too embarrassed.。”
“really,One by one,Worker,That Jason’s front wave really gave me a stupid。”
“????The topic runs too?This wave should not praise the treasure?”
“Trough,Really,Palace treasure this wave of blood,It is really good to find the championship.。”
“There is also back processing,Hand speed and reaction operation is too exaggerated。”
“Jes show a few waves,Inversely been treasured,It is estimated that people are a bit stupid.。”
“Don’t say Jess,What is more stupid??This Parker is really shot.。”
“This is real,I estimate that Pike is already in the keyboard.,How can someone play games?。”
“Palace Mother’s God!”
After this wave of war,IGThere is no choice to directly wave。
They are very calm,Just look at the war line at this time。
Great probability,When they pushed to the pillar,PVBAlready to resurrect。
andIGEveryone at this time,Not much healthier。
Way to play a wave before the pillar,The result is possibleIGquiltPVBPlay a wave of group,Then being directly connected to one wave。
so,In order not to let this mentally explosive thing。
IGDivision of two ways,All the way,A big dragon all the way。
Removing highland is Sierras and Sindra,Casha faces the tower of these two people,Defense is also very reluctant。
finally,When the roaring in Dalong sounds through the canyon。
PVBHighland crystal of the middle road,Also announced at the same time。
then,IGAll back to the city,Start integration formation,Reply state。
originallytheshyAlso want to wave in the high wave,Trying to kill the Caesarian。
BeIGMarshal,The crazy call of the double group,theshyI gave up this choice wisely.。
After finishing the formation,IGFive people start41Band,Sierraz is a person。
At this point in time,Sierras’s development is not truePVBAny point。
So the advancement at this moment,Let Sierras to zone,Obviously the best choice。