Now, in fact, they have a few first fusion of the night.,I can’t get familiar with it for too much ability.,Otherwise, Bruce doesn’t feel able to flattery with them.。

Learned“Destructive power”Night Wu Tower,Previously, the advantages occupied by Bruce began to lose。
Now both sides can use“Destructive power”,And Bruce feels clearly,The other party fought with him,Also constantly learning。
At this time, Bruce even regretted.,I have given them to death for Mao Hao.,In this case,He may even have to turn a car.。
Both sides hit the atmosphere from the planet to the ground,Both sides are now completely piloted,The strength is also raging everywhere。
Although this planet found by Vis,Name the hardest in the whole galaxy,But when“Destructive power”before,It is like a tofu residue.,Everything we have suffered once the dismissal of the power,Instantly crash destruction。
Bruce’s strength,I don’t know how many years ago.,But the night is not the same,With the just fight,He began to reverse the situation,Even the momentum already occupied。
Just when he prepares a gas,Original body,But suddenly lit up a white light,The figure of the night Wu Tower is also monitored for three,Becomes a night、Sun Wukong and Begita。
Among them, Sun Wuki is also good to Bergiita.,I can stand,As for the night,It is completely lying on the ground.。
Time to fight with the monster,Night use super competition three heels『Dragon』status,Just bring great load to the body。
After that, it is also a large number of special drugs.,Force improvement,Double fusion completed with Gitta。
It can be said that he can live now.,It is already a strong body,And the vitality of the Saiyan is really tenacious.。
Three people’s integration,Did not achieve the expected ten minutes,Because of the state of the three,Not too good,Can stick so long,It’s been lucky.。
“hateful,I didn’t expect to do this level.,Actually still can’t win。”
Berga’s fist is on the ground,Expression of the expression,He is quite clear,They have lost the last victory hope。
Today’s state,Want to come back to a wave,It is impossible at all.。
Unfortunately, they didn’t get a fairy bean before.,Otherwise, this time it is impossible to lose.。
“what,I really didn’t expect it.,The big people are too strong.,I didn’t expect that we all took out all the strength.,Actually still can’t win。”
Sun Wukong is quite visible,After all, there is nothing to complain.,Originally, they play fusion is Lai Lee.,Actually, I can’t win.,Then I can only blame my skills.。
And Sun Wukong is indeed a strength from the heart.,He is also very clear,They can fight with Bruce,Because it is used“Integrate”the power of,Bruce is a practical personal strength。
If a single pair,Have their level,I am afraid that Bruce makes them both hands,They have no hope for winning。
Three people who changed back to the original,I don’t know how.,Birus has a little bit of breath.。
If you just continue to fight……,Even if their integration can last more than ten minutes,Last result,It’s just that Brus dares to imagine。
Chapter 910 Wind wave ends Bruce
Honest,Bigus is a little jealous of the night.。
But now it’s going on for the previous agreement.,Let them get rid of them,There is really a dignity that violates him to destroy God。
He also said before,If they can make him feel,I will do it all.,And the earth is also destroyed。
But now he doesn’t make him more than Rus??
Give me a break,Do he almost have to transfer it??Be destroyed,His Bruce is also dignified,Things from Ortre, he is disdainful.,After all, I am not like,I can’t afford that person。
And I will give people people to the other side.,This kind of thing is also can’t do it.,He is also a person who wants face。
Even if you want to kill,His Bruce will only kill the nights of the three people blended.,And not to move anyone in these three in the night。