“That if Zheng Guoan sells Zheng Guotai??”Mountain Yugui asked,

“what!?They are brothers.!Do you feel possible??”Qi Rui,
“As long as we want to do it, it is possible.!”
NS109chapter This is ready
In the heart of the heart:Sell a double-son into another,It is not afraid of anti-anti-vulplane with such a way.,I have to know that the twins are twins.,Maybe this can be used up.。
“Mountain principal,This thing needs to be very good,You still think about anyone who is most likely to expose.!”Ritual,
“If it is from the missing case,That’s most likely to expose, the seventy-first army fighting staff Xu Hongkai!”
“He did not change the name?”
“Do you want to inform him to evacuate?”
“Long pool,Our people are not easy to enter the high level of the Huajun.!And the seventy-one army is Jiang’s 嫡!The Emperor’s Army attacked Shanghai Xu Hongkai played a big role.!So we can’t let him evacuate now.。”
“Then hope is not him.!”
“Long pool,The other two doubles are absolutely unable to do,They are also very important!”
“Is it important to have Zheng Guoan?!?”Huriously induced,
“Each has its own role,It’s all achieved after years of cultivation.,We must never allow the double child plan to fail!”
“Whatever I still inform them to protect myself!If you sell Zheng Guotai, Zheng Guoan returns to the waiter may be a good idea.!”
“I will ask this matter.!Long pool!Please help think about it.!In order not to expand the knowledge,So I can only ask you now.!”
“Mountain principal!Thank you for your trust in me.,I will try my best.!”
After the mountains are gone,Rui Rui left the special qualification,He is the first to the pharmacy.,Fu Ying Xue saw that Rui Rui is returning to the heart, and then put down.,And the blue car is happy to pull the rumored questioning。
“Have you learned your skills??”Rui Rui scraped the nose of the rouge,
“Learned,Wait for tomorrow, you give us an assessment.,See how much we can do!”
“That will test you tomorrow.,As long as I have a reward!”
“You have to give us a reward,Especially small snow and rouge,Their two students are very fast,All aspects have great improvements!”Chen Jiaying said,
Fu Yingxue is a powerful actor.,She has a good foundation nature to learn what is very fast.,Blue job smart, nothing, no forgetting,If she is learning, she should beat it.,So the two increased the things that are expected.。
“Jiaxiang Sister,Is the car delivery sent a letter??”
“Sent twice,But there is no useful!However, it can be seen that these cars are very selling.,No matter what you use, you should give some rewards.,This will move their enthusiasm。”Chen Jiaying said,
“Um!I am now letting them develop habits.,I will definitely collect useful information messages in the future.!”Ritual,
Rui Rui and three beautiful women have eaten meals,Privately ask Blue Rouge:“Von Mana found you??”
“Found once,She is now accepting special college training,And the green woodworthop has always wanted her to explain the secret of Feng Zixiong,correct!Von Mana’s three brothers came back,Say is her fiance!”Blue blush is surprised,
“What is your name?”