You will treat it here.,You will get better,You have a lot of cases in this case.,do not worry,That isICUA bit hard。Zhou Ye is comforting her。
She is still not trustworthy,Be careful:“Is it really?Can Zhou Ye really can marry him??”
Looking at the face of patients and looking forward to,Zhou Ye can not bear to tell her the result,I can only say that as long as she accepts treatment, it is good.。
She put her heart.,I also re-ignite the hope of living。
See here,Zhou Yewu’s mood is very complicated。
Patient,Zhou Ye is generally a good words and comfort,Do not report bad news。But communicate with my family,It must be objective.。
Zhou Ye tells her boyfriend,Patient situation is relatively poor,Has been infectious shock,If Zhou Ye’s antibiotics are not good,Unable to reverse shock,So still going to the treatment of fistula treatment,And it is possible that the condition suddenly deteriorates,Even a heartbeat stop。
Zhou Yewu may be heavy,And very serious tone,It is estimated that he is,One180High boys,Cry in front of Ye Ye。
He said that he said with Zhou Ye,“Understand,Doctor must try their best,Zhou Ye is ready to get married at the end of the month.,I didn’t expect to be like this.。”
Zhou Ye is a bit in a heart,So tell him,Generally,Antibiotic treatment,There is also a later thorns,Most of the disease can be controlled,Don’t worry,Zhou Ye watches the treatment side,OK。
He nodded,Said thank you。
Zhou Ye did not refute his words,But the opening:“Do not worry,Don’t have much thing,Doctors like Zhou Ye are very experienced.,Adding excellent antibiotics to her,Should not be so serious。”
It seems to know that Zhou Yewu is comforted by this sentence.,He is still red, gave you a bold,Tears,Ask:“How much possible performance recovery?”
Zhou Ye has no words。
Zhou Ye is also uncertain whether the young people can live。
See Winewa’s look,The boys are a few tears。
Chapter 3 dreams
Zhou Ye married a sigh,Even it is used to life and death,But Zhou Ye is still very sympathetic, those who should have a better life.,Because of a disease,Everything is gone。
Zhou Ye I don’t know how to comfort my boys.,Can only leave quietly。
After all, he already knows possible results.。
Zhou Ye looks at these activities,I feel a bit bored,It is on the balcony.,Take a smoke from your pocket,No。
Suddenly came from the sound of Chilly White。
“Yo,Smoking on the balcony?”
Zhou Ye did not speak。
Qiqi white is near Zhou Ye,one look,I know what Zhou Ye is for.。
“Don’t be too pessimistic,Not necessarily,right?”
Listening to the rose pool,Zhou Ye only felt that his heart was tightly grasped by a pair of hips.,It’s just a suffocation。
“Zhou Ye just thinks more young girls,How can I have dyed this disease??”
Zhou Ye is weak。
Qiqi white is just taken into the shoulders of Zhou Yewu,Comfort:“Here you haven’t seen it for life.,Habits,Although it is very regret。”
Listening to the tone,Just like it has been a result,Let Zhao Swig are unhappy,“Don’t say some feelings,Otherwise, it’s really what you said.,Look at Zhou Yewu’s packing you。”