“You have such a big deal,She Ouyang Hong is embarrassed not to come。Of course,I am quite surprised that Qin Xiaomin can come,She should have been informed by Ouyang Hong”

What Yao Junli said,Xia Jian knew everything。It was good to go to the provincial capital to visit Ouyang Hong,Unexpectedly, Ouyang Hong came to see him,This is really a mistake。
Yao Junli sent Xia Jian to the staff apartment and drove back,Xia Jian hurriedly returned to his room。Due to the Spring Festival holiday,The reason why no one came to clean up his room,He opened the doors and windows for a while,Then I walked into the bathroom to take a hot bath。
May be the reason for being too comfortable,Xia Jian stayed asleep until the evening,If the security didn’t come up and call him,He can’t wake up at all。
When he went downstairs,It’s dark。Yao Junli drove the car and waited for him at the gate,As soon as he got in the car,Yao Junli started the car,Said with a smile:“It seems you are really tired,This sleep time is long enough”
Xia Jian smiled and asked:“Is the place booked??The place to eat just after the New Year may be a bit tight”
“Ok!you are right。I booked a private room in Jingshuiyuan by dragging my friends”
“Yo!This specification is not low!”
Xia Jian laughed。Yao Junli also smiled and said:“Give us Mr. Xia, how can it work if the specifications are low?”
Xia Jian suddenly remembered something,He glanced at Yao Junli who was driving and said:“Call your boyfriend too,Let Ouyang Hong meet”
“Alright!What’s the matter of bringing him between us??Don’t be kind”
Yao Junli said,Increase the throttle at the foot,The car went out like an arrow。On Pingdu Street at this time,Still immersed in the atmosphere of the new year。People everywhere,Lanterns everywhere。
Jingshui Garden is a newly built hotel in Pingdu,It is said that the boss is from the south。So the service facilities inside are top-notch in the average city。
Walked in,Xia Jian found out that the outside statement was not groundless。Let alone the magnificent decoration,Grooming of light service staff,And service attitude,Let Xia Jian secretly admire。
As soon as I walked into the private room door,Xia Jian’s eyes widened in surprise。