Le Yu nodded,She also enjoys the emperor level service。

“it is good,I will arrange it tomorrow.。”
Muzi honing,Lu Haocheng, I just sprinkled a dog food.,Support him,He also takes his girlfriend.。
I will give them a dog grain. ,Kill them。
Sudden,Le Yu heard the voice of Lu Si。
Le Yu looked up,I saw that Lu Si listened to the big belly.,Going out under the help of Rayling。
Le Yu is worried about her belly,This twin belly is different,It’s very worried about it.。
Lu Si is very good,All caught up with blue and blue.。
She advised:“Think,You have to be born.,Don’t come out,Take a rest at home.!”
Lu Si thought about her husband.,Faceless,“at home,In addition to eating is sleeping,Yesterday to check out,http://www.yqzuche.cnThis moon is fat two kilograms,Doctor let me control weight,She said that I am growing.,The child is not long.,Now the child is six pounds.,My stomach is fast”She is about“burst”Word has not yet been said,I was hit by Rayling.。
Rayling looked at her smile:“Wife,Will not happen,Sons are very healthy。”
Le Yu:“!”
She asked her question:“Relling,How do you know that it is a son??”
Mu Zihao is also very curious about this problem,It also looks at Rayling.。
To say this boyfriend ,Still look forward to the birth of children’s birth。
Lei Ling has a little embarrassing laugh,Natural love to wear white clothes,Always Winya,Clean and clear。
“Combined with my mind,Plus online check information,Add my dream。”
Le Yu is a glimpse,She also thought he had any secret experience??
“cut,You are not scientific。”
http://www.dwwsa.cn Le Zhen 嗤 嗤。
Rayling helped the stool on the side of the stool,Look at Le Yu said:“Don’t believe,I never dreaming of snakes.,But since I thinking after thinking about pregnancy,Always dream of snakes,Sometimes two,Sometimes there are many,Just play next to me。”
Le Yu:“”That will also dream of the snake at that time,I still have some fear after waking up.。
sometimes,She dreams that the snake is in her quilt.,Awakening,sweating a lot。
Mu Ziyi does not believe in him:“real or fake?”
I still do this dream dream.。
Ray Saling:“real or fake,After you think about your child, you will know.。”
“Wow!Faster,I have been looking forward to it.?”
Le Yu looks at her belly,Some envy,She also wants to live with life。
Mu Ziyou looks forward,Two he also likes him。
“But I want a small cotton jacket。”
Lu Si’s face is full of dissatisfaction,She wants her daughter,This year,Son daughter-in-law is difficult to wait。
Le Yu glances at her,“This year, my son is the same.,You look at Xiaojun and,How much is filial?。”
NS1052chapter:Do you want Lu?
Land:“That is the time of blue flowers and efforts to cultivate,I have so much time and energy.。”
I think I will take care of three children right away.,She is frowning。
I used to feel a very happy twin.,I am born now.,Suddenly I feel that there will be a lot of life challenges,Can she really be a good mother??