“Let’s put a book going to see the community.?”Chang Xiaoxiang back book,“I found a lot of school communities.!”

“agree。”Chen Yang。
“I agree。”Liu Zhengming。
“I said that I and Nan Ge.。”Zhouzhi is difficult。
“Then you and Nan Ge.,We are not very light bulb。”Chang Xiaoxiang is http://www.nanyatechan.cn envious,When do he want to go to order?,“Do you want to enter what society??I want to enter a girl.,Convenient to find a girlfriend。”
“Anyway, I want to go into the basketball society.。”Chen Yang said。
“I am waiting。”Liu Zhengming said。
“Bamboo,That girl is more。”Zhou found Chang Xiaoxiang’s dream community。
“Which one?”
Chang Xiaoxiang is busy looking away。
I saw a red tent squeezed six or seven girls.,Wearing the pants of the stretch,Outlook 出 出 人。The poster next to it is an excellent girl.,Poster a strange posture。
“Yoga agency……”
Chang Xiaoxiang can’t help but read it.。
Chang Xiaoxiang minimoo low。
What can he do??
Hit it。
Chen Yang, asked:“What kind of society you want to add?”
“Flexible society,Bicycle Association。”
“Do you like this?!”
“……do not know。”
“do not know?”
“You usually also like sports.?http://www.jlgold9999.cn ”Chen Yang grinned,A row of big white teeth,“Do you want us to enter a basketball society??”
“I won’t play basketball。”
“Then what exercise do you play??”
“……”Zhouzhi thinking,“Running and badminton。”
“I also like to run,Super favorite,The military training is too tired a few days ago.,I am preparing to go to the http://www.zrzhe.cnfootball field these days.。”
“Let’s let us??”
“I am running in the road.。”
“I am fine.。”
“You can’t keep up with me.。”
“……”Chen Yang face,“Don’t try how to know?I have taken a long runner-up in high school.。”
Zhou has been trying to。
Put a book,He waited for a while in the dormitory.,Nan Ge and buns went downstairs,There are other two roommates in the peers.。Previously, military training, Nan Ge, introduced to,Zhouzhi remembers seems to be called a stone,A thousand thousand thousands。