Yu Siyuan。

Since the last time I have seen the king in the city,I came back to investigate the bottom of the king.,I have a probably a current background.,Also getting more than a thoughtful idea。
This time, I will pay attention to the family.,From the morning, he started to prepare,Packed up at home first,I have a son again.,Polite,Finally, I also picked a home but not solemn.,Solemn。
He http://www.neteasyall.cn is satisfied。
But his wife Liu Jing is a bit can’t see.:“I said,Are you busy for a long time??Doesn’t it say that I don’t go out today?,Still do so solemnly?”
“I don’t go out.,But someone is coming.。”Ziyuan shot,Edge。
Liu Jing is full:“Someone wants to come?The county is your biggest,Who can deserve you to pay so??”
“King?It is the last time you said that you have helped you in the city.?”Liu Jing is slightly,Things I said that I said to her.,This name is also a little impression。
Siyuan confirmed:“it’s him,Now I understand?”
“understood,If it is him,That is to pay attention to it.。”Liu Jingxin god,I am also a bit impressive.,While talking on the side:“What time is it?,I will pack it first.。”
Yu Si Road:“Need not,I have already cleaned up at home.,What have you going to see what http://www.2dgh.cn food?,Waiting for the next kitchen。”
“Row,This is handed over.。”Liu Jing is seriously,Said to walk towards the kitchen。
The doorbell is suddenly rang.。
Two people suddenly look at,All heart。
“coming,I am going to open the door.。”Yu Ziyuan lost the sentence,Hourly walk toward the door。
Chapter 155 Public beta
“Secretary,happy New Year。”
Door open,King、Yang Yongan、Qiu Wanliang is standing outside the door,First, I’m worshiping from the Si Ziyuan.。
See Yang Yongan、Qiu Wanliang,Yu Siyuan is a glimpse,Then I am happy to laugh:“You are also good for the New Year.,quick,Take a family。”
“I will not go in.,Just touched by Wang,Come together to give you a year,I am also worship now.,Since the secretary, you are busy,I will not bother.。”Yang Yongan,Also, I will hit the king.。
Guess that he will not be generally related to thinking,But I don’t know where it is good.,Still be careful。
It doesn’t care about thinking,Smile:“All come,I still have to work.,Come in,Cup of tea,A piece of talk。”
Yang Yongan watched his eyes carefully.,I feel that smiles don’t make a fake,This is pleased:“Then I will respect the life.,Bother you。”
Qiu Wanliang also faces a happy face,Follow up。
Wang traffic two people picking eyebrows,Laughing, when you first enter the door。
“introduce,This is my lover,Liu Jing。”Get into the door,Liu Jing has been waiting next to,Yu Siyuan introduced it for three people。
Wang traffic is warm:“Sister Hello,I am a king。”
Yang Yongan and Qiu Wanliang have hesitized,Alternative,They are still bigger than Liu Jing.,Wang Flow can say that the sister is good,They can be true that they can’t call them.,In the end, one person has a sentence:
“Mrs.,Happy New Year。”
“Hello。”Liu Jing is smiling,Greece:“quick,Sit inside,I will give you a cup of tea.。”
“no, I’m fine。”
“I am not thirsty,Don’t trouble you。”
Yang Yongan and Qiu Wanliang have rushed back。