Immediately,He will show the relevant doubts one by one,Request。

“What you said,Not the treasure of the fairyland。”
Middle-aged man sinking for a moment,I am very sure to give an answer,“I guess,The so-called yin ring and the three gods,It is very likely that Wang Hao refines,And it is refined with fairy,if not,When you gather them together,The other three gods will not break。”
Summer feelings are unbelievable。
Middle-aged man laughs,“Wang Yu is approaching,It has been achieved a big success.,That is already the limit of this world.,Refining a few small utensils is not a handful。”
Toned,He finally said the topic。
“After he left,I also start building and refining a plane channel,Time-consuming thousands of years,But if I want to go back,Requires fairy blessing and solidification channels。”
Summer positive color,“senior,Need how I do?”
“Simply put your handprint in the sea to enter the plane channel。”
Uh……Summer discoloration again。
Even this know?
How is the man in front of me??
Seeing him like this,Middle-aged man smiled again,“certainly,I will not let you take advantage of it.。”
Toned,He pointed to the rune that floats in half air.,“These runes,Is my remuneration for you。”
What!Summer double eyes grow up,Get bright in an instant,Heartbead。
So many runes are given to him.?
There are hundreds of thousands of things?
I can’t help but scroll my throat.,Demonstrate,“But the rune cannot bring to the outside.……”“Ha ha。”
Middle-aged man shook his head and laughed,“Is that still not simple?,I also sent this palace to you.,This palace is the way I refined.,I will cut this palace down.。”
Toned,He is like some can’t wait,“Come with me。”
The four middle ages of the cloud bed。
Just look at the eyes of summer,They are full of envy。
Not envy, summer is about to have a very space。
But this palace,This is very special。
But you can infinitely cultivate rune!Summer follows the channel to the second heavy temple,Stand。
I saw that the middle-aged man reached out and slammed.。
The singular scene has appeared。
The hall where the party is located,Reduce the speed visible in the naked eye。 Just after a few breathing,It turned into the size of the slap,Its surface has milk white light group flow,Looks mysterious and Xuanao。
An An quiet lying in middle-aged man’s palm。
Summer is more stunned。
He is still the first time I saw this kind of magic。
Be right,This is already an among you.。