Ms. Xiao has a husband,This situation,Must goICUFurther treatment。

Ms. Xiao husband cried,Crying very badly,These days they have experienced a lot,First discovery lymphoma,This kind of sorrowful disease,Now I’m jumping again.,He thought that he lost his wife.,Six God has noord。Now the doctor said what treatment,He will agree。
wentICU,The most advanced care treatment was given on the same day.。
A person who has a heartbeat30minute,If it is not found in the hospital,That is basically dead.。How will Xiao Shi’s situation restore?,I don’t know。The doctor said。She is young,May have a chance。
Just arrivedICUThat2sky,Ms. Xiao is still coma。
This is expected。
this day,Ms. Xiao’s mother is also coming.。Parents see their daughter’s diseaseICUUnpaid personnel,Also crying stupid。The mother-in-law is blamed for the woman, why didn’t take care of your daughter?。
Ms. Xiao husband is just red eyes,Not talking。
According to the custom of their hometown,If my sister is really not saved,That is going home.,Otherwise, after the death, the soul can’t find the way home.,That will become a lonely soul。Ms. Xiao said with a doctor.。
I asked my doctor friend.,My sister diagnose lymphoma,Now the heart stopped in half an hour.,Also considering infectious shock,He told me,The opportunity to survive is minimal,If it is true,We hope to pick up her home.。
The patient’s brother told the doctor directly.。
Treated now2sky,Is it still not good?。Doctor answered。The doctor is similar to the mirror.,Family members have to take a patient home,No more than three reasons,One is the so-called custom,The other is not to be sinful,The last one is the problem of money.。ICUThe cost is one or two thousand or even more,If you have medical insurance, you may have a few money.,It takes tens of thousands of thousands of days to live for a ten day.,General families will have pressure。But most families still can withstand。I am afraid that it is a financial two empty。
doctor,My daughter still saved??Patient mother cried into tears,Doctors。
Aunt,It’s hard to talk about it.。Doctors, of course, can not answer the rescue or save,That is dangerous behavior。
In the first3sky,The family is coming again.。
Patient situation is still bad,Still fever,39°C,Haven’t wake up yet,And the blood pressure is very low,Need more a lot of blood pressure drugs。But autonomous breathing is。
The patient’s brother is still the sentence,If you have not got it,Go home。Cannot die in the hospital。
Look at his tone,Almost the two days are ready to go home.。
When a doctor organized a language,Sincerely say,I still have a patient or have a chance.,Can’t give up the point of giving up home。Because she is very young,The ability of the heart brain is better than the old man.,And she is the first time to rescue,Some indicators have been better,Self-breathing is also available,Pupil is reduced,Stimulating her sometimes some reactions。
So I think,Can be treated in a few days,For example, observe45sky,If there is improved,Let’s continue treatment。If you continue to increase,Consider don’t go home。How about it?After the doctor said,Mother looking at the patient,husband,Looking forward to their statement。
Patient husband,Then listen to the doctor。
Patient mother cried,A doctor, a doctor, said that the situation in her daughter is not saved.,Let us go home forget it.,I really can’t bear it.,Don’t come up with it?,Her child is still so small。
Aunt, you listen to me.,I am a tubal doctor,Her condition we are the clearest,The doctor outside can only know about it.,Still listen to our opinions。When the doctor said slowly。
This is a compromise。Treat a few days。Give her a chance。
Everyone is also calm for a few days.。
Factual prove,This is a very sensible decision。
NS5Time,Ms. Xiao opened his eyes without signing。
This scared the nurse,Specifically,Is surprised nurses。Again,Also happy。Everyone didn’t expect that she would suddenly open her eyes so suddenly.。
Doctors come,Asked some questions in Ms. Xiao,Let her move hands,Stomach is hungry, etc.,The purpose of this is to understand whether Ms. Xiao is really awake.,Can I follow?。
Ms. Ms. Ms.,Can’t say anything,But she is really awake,Although weak,But you can figure your head,You can also move your hands according to your doctor’s indication.。
entireICUAll become pleasant。
we won。The tube bed doctor has a long breath.。
Patient’s disease,If the doctor makes the patient go home to count,Most will be thought is that doctors are considerate to families and patients.,Don’t suffer more sins and spend money,No need to get people around the world。But if the doctor wants to leave the patient,Then it will be unable to discuss。Some families will think that doctors are not other destinations.,So serious situation, continue to treat,Will not be good。certainly,Some of the family will understand,Perhaps the doctor also believes that the patient has no longer rejuvenation.,Still have a chance to rescue。
But it is also just an opportunity.。