Also waiting for Henghui,A group of female rods。
“Be quiet。”
Chu Lingnin,“Listening to Henghui。”
Heng Hui’s heart is expensive,“He didn’t buy a weapon,I only bought a thousand black stone arrows,Ten fire jade,360TD glamors。”
“Heng Hui, are you lie to us?,Can’t afford to lose。”
A group of people are noisy again,Lively。
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NS3767chapter Torson
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A blink of an eye,Three days passed。
Three days no war。
City outside wind is calm,Quiet make people feel palpitations。
In the city,Although it is still bustling,Can be the city of this city,Everyone knows,This is the peace before the storm。
Perhaps in the next moment,Just a huge storm。
From the http://www.cctv-zhongjiangzhihui.cn fourth day,People on the street gradually become less。
The atmosphere of the whole city becomes smoke。
Everyone is working hard,All ready。
Wipe the sword over and over again,Welcome the arrival of the storm anytime, anywhere。
period,It is also the time when the military needs is busy.。
Because the military contest beforelapping,Will put some boutiques,Let more constructs can arouse themselves。
Whenever this time,Military Pavilion as a lively。
This day,Captain Chu Lingnin Back to Book,Faced head is lost。
“How did the captain??”
A man comes up,Face-free smile。
“Go! Go! Go。”
Chu Lingnin waves impatient,moan and groan,Quite depressed。
“team leader,what happened。”
There is also a woman who cares forward before.。
Chu Linger shakes his head,Depressed,“This military demand is placed in a cold iron gun.,That is the tool.,it’s inside50Multi-road change,I will go a step later.,Have been taken away。”
Women’s repairs,Thunder,“team leader,You don’t have it too sad.,Too precious,I will definitely want to grab the hand。”
Chu Linger sighs,Very no image is sitting on the steps。
“To know,The hoist has no news on the outside public.,I am a message that I get in advance.,Still http://www.xiankezu.cn being robbed,Ah, ah.,hateful。”